Why Your E-Liquid Is Either Too Thick or Too Thin

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For those new to the world of vaping, picking the right type of e-liquid can simply mean choosing the correct flavours. However, this can lead to various issues. For instance, some may end up thinking that their e-liquid is "too thick" or "too thin." The phenomenon happens for many reasons, and if you are running into a similar problem, do not worry. In this article, we will tell you exactly why your e-liquid is either too thick or too thin and what you can do to fix that.

The PG and VG

Before we delve into what makes a vape juice too thick or thin, we must first discuss its two major components: PG and VG. 

PG stands for propylene glycol and is an organic compound that does not have any colour or smell. Its primary use in e-liquids is its ability to vaporise easily, making it a good carrier of flavours. Plus, PG is thin, meaning that it can quickly soak the wick to allow for multiple hits without running into dryness. 

On the other hand, VG stands for vegetable glycerin. Much like PG, VG does not have a colour nor a smell. However, it has a sweet taste to it. Thanks to this sugary characteristic, VG is much thicker than PG. The significant benefit to this is that high-VG e-liquids produce massive clouds of vapour. 

The problem of "thin" and "thick" liquids

As you may have seen on many vape juice products, e-liquids come in different ratios. These ratios tell you the balance between PG and VG, meaning that if you see a 50/50 label, there's a one to one ratio of PG and VG inside. The ratio can affect the thickness or thinness of a liquid. For instance, liquids with higher PG will be much thinner, and higher VG liquids will be much thicker.

If you are dealing with liquids that are too thin, then you will notice how your liquids get burned through quite quickly. You may also notice e-liquid leaking through the coils, but there could be other reasons for this, such as a flooded tank or a tank that is not built properly.

If you are dealing with liquids that are too thick, you may notice that the liquid will start to jelly up around the coils. If it takes too long to heat up and vaporise, it means that the liquid is too thick for your vape device.

Addressing these problems

The best way to address these kinds of problems is to try out a different ratio of PG to VG. If you already love your vape juices or are trying to achieve a specific experience, you may need to consider changing your device.

For instance, if you want to create thick plumes, you will need high-VG e-liquids paired with a much more powerful vape device. The same goes for more flavour. You will want to use a high-quality tank so that it will not leak or run into other issues.


Do not worry about running into juices that are too thick or too thin. More often than not, a simple change to a different ratio will do the trick. That said, take this as a learning experience. All vapers have run into these problems and have learned from them. These experiences will take you a step closer to achieve that perfect vape experience. Also, do not be afraid to experiment. You will never know how something works until you try it out yourself!


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