What Makes Vape Juice Bitter and How to Prevent It

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Nothing ruins a smashing good vape session like bitter e-juice. The taste, smell, and overall repulsive experience is sure to make any vaper vomit. It’s also puzzling because most vapers will blame high-quality UK e-juice suppliers, but the issue is never with them. It’s in the mishandling of e-juice. 

Whether you’re new to vaping or have been doing so for years, you have to avoid getting bitter e-juice in your mouth. This guide will help you enjoy only sweet vaping sessions without any bittersweet endings or beginnings. Plus, it will deliver the verdict on two common bitter e-juice misconceptions that have left the vaping community baffled. 

Can Bitter E-Juice Be Due to Expiration? 

Contrary to popular belief, the short answer is no. In fact, most UK e-juice suppliers claim that their products can allegedly still be vaped past their expiration date. Of course, it’s not as fun to vape with as when you first bought it, but it shouldn’t be bitter. Expired e-juice usually has a weird odour or the flavour is totally gone. 

Expired e-juice, however, can be a disappointing experience. It ruins any good vape session among your peers, so make sure that you only buy when you need to. Also, don’t forget to use up the old ones before opening out the new ones. That’s called truly vaping responsibly. 

Can Bitter E-Juice Be Because of Direct Contact to Sunlight? 

This is surprisingly popular in the UK vaping community, as many careless newbies leave their e-juice lying around everywhere. Again, it doesn’t make your e-juice bitter, but it can easily make it lose its intense flavour as it evaporates. Remember to keep it in a cool, dark compartment. If you have an e-juice carrying case, that’s also a good option. 

Tips To Avoid Bitter E-Juice

Now that we’ve got two of the biggest misconceptions about vaping sorted out, let’s focus on avoiding bitter e-juice. Take a look at this list and follow it accordingly: 

  • Properly Steep Your E-Juice. You wouldn’t be caught dead with under-steeped afternoon tea, and the same goes for e-juice.  Don’t vape any newly bought stocks because it’s possible that they are not primed yet. Give it time to settle or ripen up or check the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Avoid the Rancid Vaper’s Tongue. Overly indulging in your favourite e-juice will leave you with a vaper’s tongue or a numbed out tastebuds loaded with nicotine or propylene glycol. You can easily get a bitter vape if you aren’t careful. Too much of a good thing? Wash it down with water or take a break.  
  • Clean Out the Vape Tank. No matter how high-quality your UK e-cig is, it’s utterly useless when you don’t clean out the tank. Gunk and e-juice residue can easily leave a bitter taste, so clean it out, and maybe take a break to clean it if the chamber is really clogged up. 
  • Always Prime Your Wick. Now, this is a common issue among most vaping beginners. If you leave the wick unprimed, you risk the coil not setting well, which will leave a bitter taste in your mouth. The repulsive experience is the reason why most new vapers are instantly turned off. Make sure the wick is properly saturated and processing the e-juice to avoid any bitter accidents. 
  • Check Your E-Cig’s Power Settings. A low-set power level can easily result in a bitter or poorly dissolved e-juice. Take a look at the e-juice product details or test for the sweet spot for a proper vape sesh. 
  • Conclusion

    Vaping in the UK has become prominent, and this means that many new vapers are coming into the scene. If you are one of them or are just as clueless, study up on these anti-bitter e-juice tips and tricks so that you can be at par with the rest of the veteran vapers out there. 

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