What Makes A Good E-Liquid? A UK Vaper's Guide

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At some point in your vaping journey, you’ll begin to look deeper into the details to put the perfect experience together. After all, every vaper just wants to make every draw on their devices much more pleasant. 

As you look further into the idea of what makes a vaping experience as good as it should be, you’ll probably realise that the list of things you can tinker with will never end. From choosing the right tank to picking out the best battery wraps, improving your hits—your setup—will always entail going the extra mile. This is even more apparent when choosing the best possible e-liquids for your needs and preferences.

The importance of choosing the right e-liquid

At MoMo ELiquid, we believe that vape juice is like food: you’re bound to have your favourites, and there will be some that you’re better off not trying at all.

While it is true that all your other vape components have a lot to do with each hit, it’s also important to understand that your e-liquid will affect your sessions the most. Considering that a single flavour alone will have you coming back for more, it’s essential to choose the right one, so you don’t end up hampering your experience and wasting your money.

What makes a good e-liquid in the first place?

With thousands of options in the market nowadays, it’s clear that there’s no such thing as being unable to find the perfect vape juice. If you’ve just gotten into vaping or simply haven’t been lucky with your juice purchases recently, then there is much hope when it comes to finding the perfect option right off the bat—but this also entails knowing what to look out for.

To answer the ever-pressing question of what makes a good e-liquid in the best way possible, here are the key factors that you should watch out for as you go through your options: 

An unforgettable taste

In the vaping world, we believe in the term “love at first taste”—a common concept that any vaper can easily experience when they have a bottle of vape juice that meets their expectations and preferences.

If you want to find your ideal e-liquid, then you’ll need to begin by thinking about taste and its impact on every hit. Considering that you will taste your chosen juice more than anything else, choosing something you love can go a long way. Once you start to consider the concept of taste as you choose between the hundreds of available options on MoMo ELiquid’s site, you’ll have a proper baseline profile that outlines your ideal juice!

A well-balanced VG/PG ratio

While it is as subjective of a factor as flavour, the VG/PG of an e-liquid can influence whether it’s good for you or not—especially if you're someone that loves cloud chasing.

Together with taste, your vegetable glycerin-propylene glycol ratio can affect your vaping and e-juice experience. The ratio is directly tied to the quality of your hit and the kind of clouds you get. Whether you’re someone that prefers thicker clouds, discreet mists, or a good balance between both, a well-balanced VG/PG ratio will always bear the mark of a good bottle of juice! 


When it comes to the best vaping experience, there’s no denying that the kind of e-liquid you use bears a much bigger impact on your hits than anything else. By paying more attention to your choice of liquid and knowing what makes an ideal product for you, you’ll be able to make better decisions when you stock up in the future! 

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