What Happens When You Store E-Liquid in the Fridge?

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Vapers — beginners and veterans alike — know how good it feels to sit back, relax, and chill while chasing clouds. Some vapers also prefer to switch up their game by focusing on maximising flavours to get a satisfying throat hit, but no matter what approach you want to take, there’s no denying that part of the appeal is to widen your e-juice collection.

It’s common knowledge that e-liquids store well in dark, dry, and cool areas, so it’s not surprising to see vapers try to extend their collection’s life by keeping them in their refrigerators. But the colder temperatures can leave significant changes to your e-juice, so it begs the question: is it worth storing your e-liquid in your fridge?

What Changes in Your E-Liquid When It’s Stored in the Refrigerator?

Flavour Changes: More of a Con

The substances in E-liquid — PG and VG, to be exact — have extremely low freezing points. While your e-juice won’t necessarily harden when you store it in the fridge, the sugars found in it will crystallise the longer it stays in your chiller. Once you vape the e-liquid, it’s easy to notice how it will significantly drop in sweetness, resulting in a slightly diluted flavour profile. 

Additionally, refrigerators often have built-in lights, which is bad news for your e-liquid since it doesn’t fare well when exposed to light due to oxidation. Aside from losing its sweetness, the e-liquid will also lack in complexity overall.

Condensation Changes: Plus Points for Cloud-Chasing Endeavors

As mentioned above, the PG and VG content found in your e-liquid won’t necessarily freeze, but it can develop a thick consistency since other molecules will be affected by the cold. This is good news for cloud-chasers since thicker e-liquids results in massive vapour, allowing fog-loving vapers to enjoy thicker clouds. 

Temperature Changes: A Hard Hit on Your Vape’s Battery 

Seeing as your e-liquid will stay in a cold place, it should be expected that the overall temperature of the e-juice will be cool to the touch too. This change may not have significant effects on your experience, but it can damage your vape tank’s battery right under your nose. 

This is because e-liquids with cooler temperatures force your vape battery to overwork itself to heat the juice, which can quicken the battery’s wear-and-tear and shorten its expected lifespan. 

The Bottom Line: Is It Worth Storing Your E-Liquid Collection in the Fridge?

Premium e-liquids such as the colourful selection you can explore from Momo E Liquid can really alter the experience, but investing in the best-rated e-juices means you need a dedicated storage area to ensure you retain their quality. 

Unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros of storing your e-juice in the fridge, so it’s better to keep them safe in a cool and dark area instead.

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