What Are VG/PG Ratios And How Do They Affect e-Juice?

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If you're a vape enthusiast, you have likely come across "VG" and "PG" ratios in product descriptions for your e-juice. For instance, you might get something that says '70VG/30PG.' These numbers refer to the amount of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in this particular e-juice variant. Aside from 70/30, there are also 40/60, 20/80, and 50/50 combinations. VG and PG are both liquid ingredients in vape juice, which manufacturers combine with nicotine. Here is a closer look at what the similarities and differences are between these two fluids.

What is propylene glycol e-liquid?

Propylene glycol or PG is a petroleum byproduct. It is odourless, colourless, and gives a throat hit when you inhale. PG is popular among tobacco lovers or people who are trying to quit cigarettes since it produces the same sensation that nicotine does on the throat. Higher PG levels create a more intense throat hit.

PG e-liquid is the thinner, less viscous of the two types of juice. Its consistency makes it easy for the cotton fabric in wick tanks and cartomisers to absorb. This thinness also makes it less likely to cause buildups, which means it is easy to clean off your vaping device. Finally, since PG has no odour or taste, it does not alter the vape juice flavour.

What is vegetable glycerin e-liquid?

Vegetable glycerin is a natural chemical that comes from vegetable oil. It is thicker than propylene glycol—this viscosity is responsible for the dense cloud production VG e-juice creates on the exhale. The "smoothness" of vape juice comes from vegetable glycerin as well.

Another notable difference between PG and VG is the taste. Since VG comes from vegetable oil, it can alter the flavours of your e-liquid and make them sweeter. Vegetable glycerin is also thicker than PG, and it is likely to build up. VG would require more cleaning and maintenance since it can clog the device more easily. Finally, VG has a significantly less powerful throat hit, making it better for people who get overwhelmed by liquids with more PG.

Other things to remember about PG and VG

Regular vapers usually discover that their preferences for liquids change over time. In the beginning, people choose liquids with more VG and less PG. This is especially true for those who had never smoked tobacco cigarettes; the throat kick that PG provides can be too strong for them. Eventually, though, most vapers express a preference for products with propylene glycol.


For someone who is just getting into vaping, it could be challenging to choose what juice combination to use. There are so many ratios and flavours available today, and since you're just beginning, you wouldn't know which is too sharp or too smokey for your taste. It's simple, though—explore the different varieties and see which one gives you the best balance between the clouds and throat feel that you want. Whether you are a fan of thick cloud formations or sharp throat hits, there is undoubtedly a variant of e-juice out there for you. 

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