Watching Your Vaping Habits: How to Avoid Having Dry Hits

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Experiencing a dry hit is common for most first-timers, causing an off and burnt aftertaste while vaping. It’s an unpleasant feeling of intense heat at the back of the throat with no flavour. If you’re having dry hits, there’s a chance that something’s wrong with your vape kit. However, you do have to consider if you’re also at fault for it.

What are the causes of a dry hit?

Dry hits occur if you’re not familiar with handling your vaping habits properly. Similar to smoking, you need to know how to temper yourself on how long or how short your vaping session should be. Additionally, complications with your vape kit can lead to an unpleasant taste from an overheating coil or having leftover residue in your vape tank. Thankfully, you can prevent these inconveniences from happening if you’re self-aware enough to avoid them.

If you want to avoid having dry hits, here are three things you should watch out for:

Watching out for overvaping

It may be challenging for people coming from a smoking habit to adjust to vaping as an alternative. Unlike chain-smoking that just requires getting another stick, more variables are present when taking a prolonged vaping session.

Chain vaping or power vaping can lead to a higher chance of experiencing dry hits due to the longer duration and higher nicotine absorption. You can start experiencing the adverse effects of nicotine if you overvape, causing headaches, physical jitters and nausea. Additionally, you start experiencing dry hits even without noticing it. 

If you’re unable to change your vaping habits, it may be better to change your vape kit that’s fit for longer sessions with e-juice containing low-strength nicotine.

Rushing your vaping sessions

In contrast to overvaping, you can also experience dry hits if you try to rush your vaping sessions. Smokers are familiar with smoking one stick as a quick way to experience a nicotine high. However, vaping operates differently by providing a more prolonged experience that requires time to build up. You’ll have a better taste of your e-liquid the longer you draw from your e-cig.

Instead of short and deep puffs, vaping is meant for long and relaxing sessions to allow your vape kit to give you an ample amount of nicotine and flavour. By taking your time with vaping, you lower the chances of having a dry hit unintentionally.

Keeping burnt vape wick and vape coils

Besides your vaping habits, another potential cause of dry hits is damaged vape wicks. When your vaping juice doesn’t wick properly or if your heating coil is too hot, you experience an unpleasant surge of hot air. The best way to prevent burn vape coils is to keep your vape coil moist. Doing so will prevent you from experiencing dry hits.

If you saturate your vape coil, you reduce any chances of it from giving off flavourless gas. Thankfully, you can swap out different parts of your vape kit for more efficient components. You’re less likely to experience this if you own a bottom-coil clearomizer tank since its vape wick continually remains saturated.


Familiarising yourself with vaping doesn’t come without several growing pains. Like learning to drive a new car, you’ll need to understand the right way to drive, together with knowing the proper way to care for its parts. It’s a similar concept to learning how to master your vape kit. The more you know about vaping’s do’s and don’ts, the better you can maintain its components to benefit you as a long term investment.

Knowing how to care for your vape kit and managing your vaping habits will ensure that you're having a great taste of your e-juice. On the other hand, a benefit of vaping is that you'll never run out of flavours to try out. If you're planning to buy e-liquids in the UK, browse our products from our online store today!

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