Vaping Technique: Debunking 4 Misconceptions about Dripping

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When it comes to the world of vaping, there are various techniques you can try to enhance your experience, one which is called dripping. As the name suggests, this method entails dripping a small amount of e-liquid directly onto the coil or bridge of your atomizer, instead of filling up the vape tank. 

What's great about this method is that it allows you to savour various flavours in one sitting without switching tanks. This is essentially why many vaping enthusiasts love to practice this technique to get alternate flavours using their Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA). However, a few myths have been circulating around about this method indicating that it's a risky way to vape.

In this article, we'll debunk four misconceptions about dripping and how you can take your vaping experience to the next level:

Myth 1: It isn't a "teen thing"

The media has put this vaping method in a bad light over the years; they make it appear as though it's a "teen craze." They also stress that it's an irresponsible way of vaping and that only the youths would dare to explore. The truth is that dripping was developed by adult vapers and is specifically meant for older people, which is why there's nothing risky about this as it fundamentally works the same with regular techniques. The only difference is that you pour that e-juice directly onto the wicks or coils.

Myth 2: It isn't the hotter way to vape

Keep in mind that it isn't the vaping technique that determines the heat level. For the most part, it is dependent on the devices being used, whether vape pen, mod, advanced personal vaporizer, or dripping vaporizer. These devices are built and designed for both high and low heats. While some e-cigarette devices are meant for low resistance, a few others produce a high heat level. For this reason, it isn't true that the purpose of dripping is to vape at a higher heat.

Myth 3: It doesn't necessarily have a higher nicotine level

Another misconception is that dripping is a way to get more nicotine, which is essentially a claim that doesn't even make sense dripping vapers would attest. In fact, it's more or less impossible to vape with a high nicotine e-juice using the dripping method because the taste and flavour will be very harsh, leaving vapers with a terrible experience. This is why it's highly recommended to use e-liquids with very low nicotine content when dripping, or it defeats its main purpose: To have an optimal vaping experience!

Myth 4: It won't make you "sick"

One of the most outrageous claims posed by the media is that dripping is very dangerous to health. They underscore the fact it is deadly to the point that they believe that it's making teens sick and causing seizures. The truth is that it is just the same as the regular way of vaping. As long as you get your e-liquid products from highly reliable sources and you maintain your vape devices regularly, you won't have any problems at all!


At this point, we've expelled some common misconceptions about dripping and learned more about the truths behind them. As outlined above, it isn't just a teen craze, isn't the hotter way to vape, doesn't necessarily have a higher nicotine level, and won't make you sick. 

The truth is that dripping is just the same with regular vaping and doesn't pose potential threats to your health and safety. Nevertheless, be sure to undergo tedious work and proper maintenance to get the best vaping experience possible!

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