Vaping 101: Important Vaping Etiquette That All Vapers Should Know

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There are now over a million e-cigarettes users today, and the numbers continue to rise. While more and more people are starting to turn to vaping rather than smoking, it’s time that people are made aware of vaping etiquette. If you vape, it’s essential that you know and understand the following:

Be Mindful of the Location

Even though smoke from a vape smells better and is said to be less harmful than smoke from tobacco, that doesn’t give you a pass to smoke anywhere you like. A huge part of vaping etiquette is remembering to be mindful where you vape. As much as possible, vape where you’re allowed to vape, and in those areas only. If there is no designated area to smoke in, then it’s best not to vape. Keep in mind that not everyone understands vaping, so try not to smoke in public places such as malls and parks unless you’re in a designated smoking area.

Avoid Blowing Smoke Clouds into People’s Faces

Big clouds of vape smoke or your latest smoke tricks may be entertaining for you, but it’s not as entertaining if you blow it in people’s faces. Especially if you do it on purpose. That’s just plain rude.

Don’t Be a Snob

It’s likely that you started getting into the vaping hobby using a cheap vape device. That’s fine—we’ve all been there. And now that you’re a more “advanced” vaper, it’s only polite not to look down on beginners who are also starting out with a cheap vape device. Instead of looking down on them, perhaps you can provide them with tips on how they can upgrade their device.

Don’t Be Pushy for People to Quit Smoking

You’ve discovered the wonders of vaping and you’ve finally kicked the habit of smoking tobacco—that’s great! However, your personal achievement doesn’t give you the right to force other smokers you know to “convert.” It’s okay to tell them about your experience and the positive effect it’s had on you, but you shouldn’t force them to quit smoking when they don’t want to. While your intentions might be good, your smoker friends will probably find you forceful and self-righteous, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Don’t Be Argumentative

Despite the rising number of users, vaping is still surrounded by controversy, and it’s likely that you’ll come across people who don’t agree with it. Don’t let it get to you and don’t get into any unnecessary argument over vaping. Just listen to their contrary opinion, ignore it, and do your thing.

Don’t Vape in Confined Spaces

It isn’t a good idea to vape in a confined space. It’s because your cloud could get more concentrated as you vape, which leaves the people who share the space with no choice but to inhale your smoke. This is especially important if you vape using e-liquids with high nicotine concentrations.

Don’t Vape Around Children

It is not a good idea to vape around children, even if your e-juice produces bubblegum-scented smoke, or if you’re vaping liquid with no nicotine in it. It’s still a bad idea, so refrain from doing it.


If you choose to vape in the UK, it’s essential that you follow basic vaping etiquette. If you don’t follow the simple rules we’ve listed above, it’s very likely that you’ll end up pissing people off. Keep in mind that vaping still produces smoke and not everyone in the UK is keen on smelling any type of smoke, no matter what scent it is. You also have to remember that not everyone understands vaping, so always be careful where and when you vape.

Understanding vaping etiquette will help you become a responsible vape user in the UK. This should earn you some respect in the vaping community and even among people who don’t vape. All in all, just don’t give vaping a bad name, and be socially responsible when you’re out.

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