Vaper's Tongue: What Is It and How to Fix It?

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Beyond presenting itself as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco, vaping is appealing for many thanks to its colourful e-juice selection. The satisfying throat hit combined with the flavorful experience makes vaping a fun habit. The sheer amount of flavour profiles available makes it exciting to collect — from fruity favourites, sweet classics to experimental palates. 

But beginners and even veteran vapers alike can reach a stump in their flavour-chasing adventures, one where the nuances of the e-liquid start to fade out of the blue. This sudden inability to taste your e-juice is called a vaper’s tongue, and while the way it mutes an otherwise tasty punch can be frustrating, it’s a common problem with plenty of easy solutions.

What is Vaper’s Tongue, and Why Do Vapers Get It? 

Also known as vaper’s fatigue, this is a condition wherein you can unexpectedly lose your sense of taste. It often comes without warning, but it’s an annoying issue that can dampen one’s enjoyment when vaping since every hit becomes tasteless and numb. 

Why Does Vaper’s Tongue Happen? 

There are many reasons behind the vaper’s tongue. For one, you need plenty of saliva production to ensure the taste buds are functioning properly, but constant vaping can lead to dry mouth. With less saliva, you may struggle to fully taste the undertones of your e-liquid. 

Additionally, your sense of taste is directly affected by your smell to create a richer flavour perception. Since vaping can quickly let the user grow accustomed to the smell of their e-liquid, then it can result in a loss of smell and taste. 

Vapers who develop vaper’s tongue may feel a thick coating on their mouth, blocking the taste buds, which generally counts between 2,000 to 8,000. The good news is that taste buds can regenerate every ten days, though you may need to try some ways to bring back your sense of taste in the meantime. 

Drink More Water 

Water is essential to one’s health, but it can also refresh the taste buds and prevent dry mouth, making it easier for vapers to enjoy their e-liquid without losing flavours down the line. Alternatively, keeping your tongue clean should also help you enjoy the nuances of your e-juice collection. 

Take Breaks When Vaping

It’s easy to get into the habit of chain vaping, but going for one hit after another can take a toll on your taste buds and smell receptors. Uptaking your nicotine intake should keep your cravings sated for longer, allowing you to take more breaks in between vaping. On the other hand, you can also switch up your e-juice so your senses can pick up new flavours and scents. 

The Bottom Line: A Quick Fix to Vaper’s Tongue For a More Flavourful, Cloud-Chasing Experience

Vaping is a fun experience that can introduce you to a world of gastronomic flavours, but it’s important to give your taste buds a much-needed break so you won’t run into the dreaded vaper’s tongue. While this common condition can dampen one’s vaping session, there are quick fixes that can get you back on track on your cloud-chasing ventures. 

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