The Causes and Solutions for Vaper’s Tongue: A Brief Guide

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Vaping is a fun experience because you can look forward to tasting different flavours and formulations, like our range of MoMo creative creations. However, as you try various e liquids, there might come a time when you lose the ability to taste them. This condition is more commonly known as the vaper’s tongue, which can be a nuisance to deal with for about a few days to a week. Some would even regard this as a rite of passage for beginners, but anyone can actually develop this as long as they vape regularly. 

Fortunately, you can determine the root cause and find ways to address this issue. Because the vaper’s tongue does vary from vaper to vaper, it can take a while to identify the causes and find the appropriate remedy. To ensure you can manage and even be a valuable source of information among your mates, use this guide. 

What Are the Common Causes of the Vaper’s Tongue? 

While a vaper’s tongue can be alarming, especially when you just bought a fresh stock of e liquids, it is a temporary condition, and there are ways to speed up recovery. Before attempting to heal from it, consider the following causes: 

  • Excessive cigarette usage: You may have gotten into vaping to quit cigarette smoking, which is a noble thing to do. However, if you relapse or are just beginning to switch to vaping, you can expect to have a vaper’s tongue. Just wait for it to go away and commit to avoiding cigarettes. 

  • Having a dehydrated mouth: Your taste buds should be working when vaping, but having a dry mouth can prevent that from happening. It means there is a lack of ample saliva production, which affects both your sense of taste and smell. At times, you can address the issue by simply drinking water, but if the problem persists, consider other remedies, which we will discuss later on. 

  • Taking certain medication: Certain prescribed and over-the-counter medicines have side effects that affect taste buds and smell receptions, which is mostly temporary. They can also impact saliva glands from producing enough spit, leading to the vaper’s tongue. Either you can wait out the medication’s effects or consult your doctor for more information. 

  • How Can I Deal With the Vaper's Tongue Effectively?

    Now that you have an initial understanding of the main causes of the vaper’s tongue, there are options apart from waiting it out to let your taste buds heal. It is much like burning your mouth due to a hot beverage and waiting for your sense of taste to come back naturally. If you want to accelerate the regenerative process, refer to these remedies: 

  • Brush your teeth and use mouthwash: Boosting your oral health by taking care of your teeth, gums, and tongue can work wonders on treating a vaper’s tongue. It may not be a quick solution, but it can lead to a brighter smile and fewer cavities, which are positive benefits! 

  • Change the e liquid flavour: Every vaper has their favourite flavour to use during every session, but it could cause the vaper’s tongue as the taste buds become too numb to the same old e juice. You may be concerned about going out of your comfort zone because it means trying something new. The good news is this dilemma is a great excuse to buy more vaping products! 

  • Suck on a lemon slice: Lemonade is a known palate cleanser, so drinking it can curb the vaper’s tongue for some people. However, if you are like most vapers, you need more direct contact with the citrus’s fresh pulp and juice, which is why sucking on a lemon slice is the way to go! 

  • Conclusion

    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced e liquid user, vaper’s tongue can happen to anyone. Fortunately, you now know its main causes and how you can address them. Meanwhile, to guarantee enjoyment every single time you and your mates go vaping, build up your stock of e liquids from reputable providers like us! 

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