The Benefits of Making the Switch to Nicotine Salts

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Nicotine salt, often shortened to nic salt, is found in tobacco leaves and nicotine that forms naturally. The concept is simple, but the science is a little more complicated. 

Basically, the nicotine salt is an incredibly efficient way for nicotine to be delivered to your body. Quite a lot of vapers have stated that e-liquid with nic salts gave them a much more satisfying experience, which can be largely chalked up to its biocompatibility. There have also been users who stated reduced harshness of throat hits that go on to use more powerful liquids. Nic salts are being embraced by more and more users of lower-powered devices, too.

Freebase Nicotine

Nicotine salts are different from conventional nicotine, which are known as “freebase”. Since nic salts are found in tobacco leaves, they also have many other organic components. Freebase nicotine is not bonded to other chemicals, whereas nic salt is a compound that is so. Some studies have suggested that nic salts are far more efficient in nicotine delivery to users. Benzoic acids added to nic salts largely reduces the pH which, in turn, makes vape in the UK and in general far less harsh. 

Most people who vape have just quit smoking, and nic salts have also proved beneficial to them. Nicotine is absorbed more effectively without equipment that is particularly sophisticated.

There are several benefits of making the switch to nicotine salts from freebase nicotine.

Nicotine Fixes in Seconds

Freebase nicotine is absorbed in a build-up way by the body, so the feeling of satisfaction takes longer. Nic salts give better, faster fixes in a matter of seconds. A smoker trying to quit that is seriously craving their hit can get incredibly cranky. When you use nic salts, nicotine enters the bloodstream at a rate that is much the same as cigarettes. This allows quitters to get the feeling they were trying to replicate in the first place.

Cost Efficiency

While nic salts themselves can be slightly pricier, using an electronic cigarette in the UK and in general means you get nicotine delivered more efficiently. That will generally translate to consuming far less juice since there will be less vaping done in general.

Milder and Smoother Throat Hits

Scientists have found that nic salts absorb less efficiently without the added food-grade benzoic acid. There is little to no evidence that suggests benzoic acid is not safe, so adding it in can be beneficial.

Better Shelf Life

Another major benefit of nic salts is that they are far more chemically stable compared to conventional e-liquids. Given that, they withstand storage much longer. There is no compromise to the quality of the nicotine.


Using nicotine salts, e-liquids and vapes instead of the usual freebase nicotine and cigarettes is incredibly beneficial. By default, juices are made to mirror a cigarette’s hit. Whether or not you are trying to quit smoking altogether or just want to try something new, nicotine salts are definitely worth trying out.

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