The Beginner's Guide to Temperature Control Vaping - What to Know

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Vaping isn't a one-and-done affair. Unlike when you smoke cigarettes, vaping involves devices that aren't single-use, including the vape mod and the e-juice. And depending on the mod you have, you can adjust the settings to suit your preferred temperature, allowing for the best vaping experience. Those types of mods have a feature called temperature control (TC), which allows the user to control the temperature of the vapour.

What is temperature control (TC) vaping?

To those unfamiliar with temperature control vaping, it's simply vaping using a mod that features temperature control. A lot of mods have the capability to adjust their power output to maintain a steady temperature, resulting in a consistent flavour with each drag. Without TC, it's possible that the coil inside your mod becomes either too hot or not enough. Your vaping experience will end up with a burnt taste or lacking in vapour. But when you have TC, no matter how hard your pull is, your coil will maintain in good condition without the risk of overheating. 

Benefits of temperature control vaping

  • Say goodbye to dry hits: Dry hit refers to the unpleasant taste you get when your mod is low on e-juice. The heat from the coils burns the wicks because there's no e-juice to saturate them. This will stop happening with temperature control. 
  • Healthier vaping: Overheated e-liquid produce toxic chemicals and can lead to health issues when consumed. Temperature control prevents this and facilitates for the right heating of your e-juice. 
  • Reduces damage on vape pen: Temperature control doesn't require frequent replacement of coil and cotton. Your battery will last about 1.5x longer, too, as there will be no wasted power on excess heat.
  • Find the optimum temperature: Temperature control lets you lock down the sweet spot that suits your taste. Whether you like it cool or piping hot, or want massive vapour clouds or minimal ones, you can adjust the settings to your liking.

The best vaping temperature

While temperature control vaping can be adjusted, the typical vaping range is between 392°F to 480°F or 200°C to 250°C. TC mods usually allow for increments of 10°F or 5°C. 

If you're new to vaping or to using mods with temperature control, you can start low and just work your way up as you get used to it. Feel free to experiment with different temperature settings until you dial in on that sweet spot that lets you have the best vaping experience. Ultimately, the temperature range you end up choosing is what works best for you. Your personal preference and taste is the biggest factor you have to consider, so vape according to your liking. 

In Conclusion

Temperature control vaping enhances your overall vaping experience. It delivers the consistency that non-TC mods provide. No longer will you have to suffer from burnt hits or vapes that overhit when you drag for too long. 

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