The Dos & Don’ts of Storing E-liquid Bottles: Our Guide

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E-liquids can be quite costly. Some vapers get around the regular price by bulk buying during sales that can last them until the next special. If you're one of them, you have probably purchased too much of it but aren't using it fast enough. Keep in mind that e-liquid has a relatively short shelf life, but a bottle of vape can last two to five years if kept sealed in the appropriate atmosphere.

If you keep your stock well, you will never experience a sour-smelling and tasting e-liquid again. In this article, we will share several dos and don’ts of storing e-liquid bottles: 

Keep Them Cool

Did you know that it makes a big difference in where you keep your vape juice? The fridge or freezer would be the greatest option since e-liquid benefits from being kept in a cool, dark environment. It is because chemical reactions will take significantly longer, which will prevent your vape juice from spoiling. If you don't have enough room in your refrigerator, the back of your wardrobe or under the bed will also suffice.

Use One Bottle at a Time

Be sure to use only one bottle and store the rest unopened to keep them tasting fresh and new. Similarly, switching to smaller bottles is another option. Smaller bottles will also make it easier because you can take them out of storage one at a time rather than bringing out the large bottle and risking the flavour to deteriorate.

Reseal Opened Bottles

If you haven't finished a bottle, just remember to reseal it to keep it fresh. A strong strip of sticky tape wrapped around the base of the lid, firmly connecting the lid to the bottle, is all that's required. When doing so, make sure that no air enters the bottle. If done correctly, this will reseal your already open vape bottles and keep them from expiring during your vaping hiatus!

Don't Let Them Sit Under Light Source

On some e-liquids, light has a reactive effect. This is why UV rays from direct sunlight and certain artificial lights will make them deteriorate before you get a chance to enjoy them. Using dark glass bottles, such as the dark brown or blue bottles usually used for medicine, is a great way to restrict light exposure, making it less likely for light to pass through the bottle.

Don't Leave Them in the Car

Do not leave your vape juice in your car, even if you are only going to the store for a few minutes. Unattended cars can attract temperatures of up to 25 °C in the UK. As such, extended periods in a heated automobile, along with the sunshine exposure from the windshield, can cause e-liquid to degrade quickly.

Don't Keep Using Plastic Bottle

Plastic bottles aren't the best for storing e-liquids for a long time because they can affect their taste by interacting with heat. Plastics, no matter how tightly sealed, can allow some air to get through. Glass bottles, on the other hand, won't let anything in and will keep your e-juice tasting as good as the day you bought it!


When it comes to storing your e-liquids, you have three main enemies: heat, air, and light. These factors may be everywhere, but they are all easy to control. The key is simply to find a cool, dark spot in your home and make sure that they are well out of reach of pets and kids. With this in mind, you will be able to store your e-liquids even past the expiration date!

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