Steeping E-Liquids for a Better Vaping Experience

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Just like how a wine connoisseur swirls a glass of wine in the air to give it a kind of aeration before sipping from it, you’ll be surprised as to what else has a special ritual of its own. If you haven’t guessed, it’s applicable to e-liquids for your vape, too! When buying e-liquids in the UK, these can greatly benefit from what is called “steeping.” 

Steeping your vape liquids seems a bit odd, but trust us, as the seller of the best e-liquids in the UK, when we say that you can improve the taste of these juices significantly! Much like you would aerate a glass of wine, steeping your e-liquid is a great way to release even more flavour from your juice. 

How To Steep Your Vape E-Liquid

When you first purchase a vape juice bottle, you are likely going to experience a strange, chemical aftertaste if you chuck some liquid straight into your vape unit. This is because e-liquids contain certain solvents that give off the weird taste—which includes traces of alcohols. If you vape regularly, you likely know what this tastes like.

Steeping your e-liquids is easily done, all you have to do is find a dark, cool place and let the juice bottle sit there for about five days with the cap removed. When exposed to air, the juice aerates better, releasing all the alcohols and chemicals that linger after production.

Steeping Is Necessary For DIY-Enthusiasts

If you are the crafty type who makes their own e-liquids, you might know that having it sit and absorb some oxygen molecules results in a smoother overall flavour. These have an intermarrying effect on the juices and will fuse them together extremely well for a reduced chemical taste. 

Depending on the types of ingredients you are mixing, these have different heating points and flavour notes, so experiment with the optimal time and temperatures.

Flavour Is Much Better With Steeping

You might notice that some e-liquids have a strong taste that is not as advertised on the label. This is normal and is seen in some types of wines, wherein the alcohol overpowers the rest of the flavour notes when kept stored tight. Much like wine, vape juices also include alcohols which need to be evaporated in order to have the e-liquids tasting their best. Once this has been done, you will notice amazing notes of tastiness compared to if you pumped a new bottle into your vape ASAP.

It also depends on the type of liquid you purchase. Many of those priced on the low end of the spectrum likely have to be steeped to taste better. More expensive brands have likely been pre-steeped already—which means you can fill your atomiser straight up after opening it.

Experiment With Your Favourite Juices

If you have a favourite juice, and you think that the juice has a nice taste out of the bottle directly, then it is likely that you don’t really need to steep it. Why fix something that isn’t broken, after all! 

It is worth a shot with cheaper bottles of e-liquids that you bought and initially thought they tasted like garbage. You can even try it out with your favourite juice, as you may just enjoy it even more after it has been steeped!


Steeping is all a matter of what a vape user finds to fit personal tastes. Not all vape juices are created equally, which is why trying out different techniques on different e-liquids is integral in finding the right mix. Try it out yourself, and don’t forget: always enjoy responsibly!

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