Reasons Why Smokers Choose E-Liquids as a Tobacco Alternative - What to Know

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Smoking tobacco contains acetone, tar, carbon dioxide, nicotine, as well as other substances that are proven harmful to your health. Continuous abuse can have detrimental effects on your lungs and the entire body,  which is why many smokers across the world are leaning towards electronic alternatives that are significantly less toxic than tobacco. 

What are E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids?

These e-cigarettes, which are popularly known as a vape, use liquid or e-juice as a nicotine replacement therapy. With that in mind, all vape devices work similarly: all have a small cartridge, or tank, which you use to fill the e-juice. There is a heating element that turns the liquid into vapour, which mimics the same sensation you get while smoking.

There are even modifications to your e-cigarette that allows you to adjust the airflow of the vape, which you can set to replicate the throat hit of a real cigarette or loosen it when chasing more significant clouds. On the other hand, e-juice offers a plethora of different flavours you can choose from. Whatever you’re craving for, it’s highly likely that your local vape shop can satisfy your taste with a wide selection of juices.

What does the E-Liquid Contain?

E-liquids, or vape juice, must adhere to a standard as it is only allowed to contain limited substances. This includes propylene glycol, glycerin, various flavourings, distilled water, and a minute concentration of nicotine for those who are still transitioning from smoking tobacco to vaping juice.

On that note, you don’t have to worry about propylene glycol or glycerin as both substances are safe for use in food and cosmetic products. The former is also a popular compound in asthma inhalers, while the latter is an organic substance commonly found in vegetables. As for the flavouring or colour of the liquids, it is made from food-grade extract, which has no studies that show its adverse side effects.

Does E-Liquid Contain Tar? 

E-liquid does not have any tar, which you can see as you blow the vapour into a napkin. Cigarettes tend to leave a yellow stain on napkins, which means that it is packed with the toxic byproduct. On the other hand, vape juice will remain white, which should give you a clear picture of the differences in how it affects your lungs. 

Vaping and Safety

While vaping may be the lesser of two evils in comparison to smoking, many are still hesitant as e-cigarettes had problems regarding their batteries exploding. The explosion is typically triggered by over-charging the device. Fortunately, as the vaping industry rises in popularity, more and more regulated mods offer batteries that are safer to use as it comes with protection. Still, educating yourself regarding the proper usage of batteries is crucial to your safety, primarily when operating using sub-ohm atomizers on mechanical and unregulated mods. 

In Conclusion

Using an e-cigarette can be an effective alternative for managing your nicotine cravings. It is a safer option as e-liquids, in spite of having small amounts of nicotine in some selections, contain non-toxic substances compared to tobacco. It is also a cost-friendlier option, which makes e-cigarettes a better choice as a whole, in our opinion. 

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