Reasons the E-Liquid for Your Vape Tastes Bad

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One of the most unpleasant things you can experience when vaping is when your e-liquid starts to taste a bit weird and funky. This is incredibly common and could happen occasionally because of several reasons.

When you vape, you don't stick to one brand of e-liquid, unlike if you smoke cigarettes where you only stick to one type of brand. What makes vaping different from smoking is that you can choose from a plethora of flavours, making you go through spells of enjoying a particular taste and then eventually trying something else. 

Because you get to try different flavours all the time, you may sometimes experience 'Vapers Tongue' where you can't taste the flavours in the vapour clearly or could affect the way they taste. And with that, you should be aware of the other reasons your e-liquid may be tasting weird; that’s exactly what we'll be discussing in this article. Let’s get to it!

Complimentary flavours

Some people make the mistake of ignoring the fact that some flavours complement each other, while others don't. To put it into perspective, have you ever brushed your teeth and drank a cup of tea right after? Doesn't it taste weird and unpleasant? But how about when you find the perfect red wine that goes with your steak? Isn't it just glorious? The same concept applies with e-liquid and its different flavours.

Sometimes when you vape, the flavour gets affected with whatever food or drink you're pairing it with. For example, vaping tobacco-flavoured e-liquid goes pretty well while drinking coffee. The dark and nutty flavours of the coffee pair well with the earthiness of your tobacco-flavoured vape. 

You could be tired or ill

When you're sick with the flu, cold or if you're not at your best, it affects the way your body functions, therefore affecting your sense of taste as well. When you have a cold, you may experience a loss of flavour, but with e-liquids, the flavours can completely change from what it really is when you vape them. 

On the other hand, when you're feeling tired, the flavours of your vape can change too. It can sometimes start tasting harsh and unpleasant, or you can simply have difficulty tasting the flavours in the first place because you're too tired. 

Your coils may need to be replaced or cleaned

One of the factors that affect the flavour of your e-liquid is your vape device itself. It's crucial that you clean and maintain the parts of your vape regularly because there could be a buildup of oil in the coils that may damage your device and also alter the flavours of your e-liquid. 

When you don't clean or replace your coil after several uses or if you're switching to another flavour, you may taste a burnt or confusing aftertaste. So when you're starting to notice that you're not getting the optimum flavour of your e-liquid or it's beginning taste burnt and dull, check your coils and clean it or have it replaced. 

Flavour fatigue

One of the biggest reasons you're starting to taste weird vape flavours is that you're starting to have flavour fatigue, or as mentioned earlier, 'Vapers Tongue'. This happens when you introduce various flavours to your taste buds without any rest. 

If you're keen to try new flavours all the time, try vaping a lighter flavour or even an unflavored e-liquid first so your sense of taste returns before trying a completely new flavour. 


There are several reasons your e-liquid may be tasting weird, and the ones we mentioned earlier are some of the most common causes. If you're starting to notice that your e-liquid tastes different, give your tastebuds a break, check if you're sick and clean your vape device so you can have a better vaping experience again. 

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