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Vapers worldwide have a large collection of flavours to choose from for their devices. It’s like those infamous every-flavour beans. There are literally hundreds of selections—from strawberries to chocolate to spearmint to boogers or vomit (well, it’s plausible). Luckily, vapers don’t have to randomly pick out an e-liquid bottle from a box with the chances of getting the weirdly-tasting ones. The introduction of a wide variety of these premium e-liquids or premium vape juices has given every vaper the freedom to purchase exactly what their preferred flavours or tastes are without having to compromise the quality.


The What’s

The three main ingredients that make up an e-liquid are Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), and nicotine, of which the total content amount may vary, depending on the user’s preference. These three are the same ones used by most manufacturers worldwide. 

With the addition of other ingredients to create different flavours, these additional ingredients are mostly bought by manufacturers wholesale to save on the costs. The bad news is that some of these cheap flavourings may contain additives that are detrimental to one’s health. One of these is the diacetyl or the “buttery” flavour. Despite its sweet alias, this compound has been linked to a lung disease called ‘popcorn lung’ that is mostly incurred by factory workers in the popcorn factory industries.


The Where’s

Where the product has been manufactured and what processes it has to undergo first before it reaches the market is something that is also quite significant in choosing your e-liquids. You can be sure that companies with top-notch certified and sanitary laboratories will give you premium quality products worthy of their reputation. With high standard laboratory equipment and proper accreditation, you can be confident that what you’re receiving is the best of the best. 

Processes like sterilisation and steeping take longer, which means more time before your product hits the stalls. Steeping is a procedure where e-liquids are submerged in warm water for about a week in order to facilitate the infusion process of the flavours and the base. It is an essential process that some manufacturers tend to skip or disregard for lower costs of production and faster return of profits. It makes premium e-liquids differ from the cheaper ones. The flavours in the premium ones are rich, tasty, sterile, and of high quality compared to the cheap ones that are inferior and can get bland easily.


The Why’s: A Conclusion

Why choosing premium e-liquids over the regular ones is really a question that should already be self-explanatory. The word “premium” itself already suggests how superior and refined the products are over their other alternatives. 

Sure, they’re a bit pricey compared to the standard ones. But if you come to think about it, investing in premium e-liquids will actually help you out in cutting down on your expenses in the long run. Why? For health reasons, these premium e-liquid manufacturers have accredited laboratories that follow certain protocols and procedures to ensure the sterilisation and quality of their products. They would even go as far as creating their own solutions of flavours with the best ingredients in their own laboratories rather than just buying out cheaper pre-mixed ones, which, more often than not, may contain harmful chemicals not advised to be ingested by the human body.


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