Our Guide to the Different Types of eLiquid Flavours

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Vaping has infinitely expanded the possibilities in the world of smoking. With so many devices and flavours to choose from, there are endless combinations you can create to suit your mood at any given time. However, one of the fascinating things about vaping is also one that can be overwhelming, and that’s choosing an eLiquid that you prefer over the thousands that are currently available.

Unlike traditional cigarette smokers, vapers have limitless options when it comes to flavours. However, such freedom to choose often makes it challenging to decide on a particular one to purchase. Fortunately, you can break these flavours down into different types of eLiquid, making it easier to find the right one for you. Here are the flavour categories to help you find a new one you’ll love:

Fruity-Flavoured eLiquids

Fruit-flavours are some of the most popular types of ejuices in the UK. You can get almost any flavour of fruit in an eLiquid in single or mixed varieties from thousands of brands. The best part is that the tastes also vary between brands, so you might end up loving strawberry eLiquid from one brand but dislike another company’s version. 

This category is usually sweet with a delicious and robust flavour, emitting a fresh-smelling scent. The flavours that tend to highlight the original fruit’s natural notes are strawberry, apple, and grape, but other flavours like watermelon are known to steal the show. 

Dessert-Flavoured eLiquids

Sweet-toothed vapers flock to dessert-flavoured eLiquids because of the astonishingly faithful recreation of their favourite dessert in the vape juice. It may seem inconceivable to have the full taste of an apple pie in your mouth when you vape. Still, manufacturers of this eLiquid category have continued to stun the community time and time again.

As delicious and sweet as desserts are, many get sick of the rich taste after a while. Fortunately, eLiquids remove that cloying quality, which means you can vape the juice all day without ever feeling sick. You also save on the calories and money you would have spent eating the actual dessert. Popular dessert-flavoured eLiquids include apple pie, crème brûlée, and cake. 

Beverage-Flavoured eLiquids

Similar to dessert-flavoured eLiquids, beverage-flavoured ones give you the taste without any of the calories. If you’re in the mood for an alcoholic drink without wanting the buzz, there’s a flavour just for you. These juices tend to be refreshing and delicious depending on the brand you get, allowing you to fulfil your craving without having to spend additional money on it.

Many popular beverage-flavoured eLiquids are mocktails, colas, punches, and slushies. Whether you want a quick fix of a milkshake or prefer the zestiness of a fizzy drink, there’s a flavour out there that’s sure to tickle your tastebuds. 

Tobacco-Flavoured eLiquids

Many people who quit smoking often buy tobacco-flavoured eLiquids, as it provides a comforting and familiar taste. There are many types of tobacco flavours you can choose: cigar tobacco, menthol tobacco, spiced tobacco, and even sweet tobacco. Unlike cigars and cigarettes, vape juices won’t leave a lingering smell of tobacco on your furniture, clothes or hair. The vape juice also produces a cleaner taste, providing an even better experience. 

Candy-Flavoured eLiquids

Vaping is a great hobby to have if you can’t get enough of sweet treats. There are many eLiquids available that are designed to taste like your favourite candy bar, fulfilling your every desire for a sugary snack. You can enjoy the taste of KitKat- and Reese’s Pieces-flavoured juices without ruining your teeth or consuming large amounts of calories, making it a win-win situation. 

Menthol-Flavoured eLiquids

If you love that refreshing, cooling sensation of minty products, then you’ll love menthol-flavoured eLiquids. Numerous varieties offer more than just a minty taste, like fruity menthol, candy menthol, and many more. There are also some crazy combinations out there if you’re feeling adventurous enough. 


There’s truly a world of endless possibilities when exploring all that eLiquids have to offer. People are getting more and more creative about the flavours they can produce, which even you can try once you’ve gotten more comfortable with the different types of vape juices available. Knowing these categories will make it easier for you to find your next eLiquid, allowing you to enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the hundreds of options out there.

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