Nicotine Salts as E-Liquid - What You Should Know about Them

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Vaping has been taking the whole world by storm in recent years. Despite some controversies on its use, the vape industry continues to dominate the scene. As a result, more and more vaping shops are being opened, many individuals are starting to appreciate the art of vaping, and some even make a switch from smoking to vaping. 

There’s no denying that many vapers are exploring and experimenting with various types of e-liquids for their enjoyment. One type that’s slowly taking grounds is nicotine salt as a new ingredient that is increasingly found in vaping liquid. This single yet crucial ingredient is said to be instrumental in the way the vapour feels in the lungs and the amount of nicotine being delivered.

That said, here’s what you need to know about nicotine salts as e-liquid ingredients for vaping.

Nicotine salts

First, it’s worth knowing that nicotine salts are neither associated with the mineral used for cooking nor do they have to do with seawater. Know that nicotine salts are actually salts based on the scientific definition–– they are a product resulted from when bases react with acids. In this case, pure nicotine is mixed with acids. As opposed to traditional cigarettes where these salts occur naturally, pure nicotine is commonly combined with benzoic acid for vaping.

Freebase nicotine

Freebase nicotine, on the other hand, is what the vast majority of nicotine e-liquid choices use. This is extracted from tobacco, where the whole process leaves a pure form of nicotine. For vaping, it is combined with propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). It is typically used as a wide range of nicotine replacement options smokers use to quit. These replacement options include the following forms:

  • Sprays
  • Patches
  • Lozenges
  • Gum

Nicotine salts for vaping

At this point, you may wonder why nicotine salts are used over freebase nicotine despite not being purely concentrated. The truth, however, is that nicotine salts have several benefits as compared to freebase nicotine.

For one, the nicotine salt has Benzoic acid, which makes it more basic with a lower pH that is easier on the throat. This means that you can vape rather smoothly while having a higher nicotine concentration. Two, it adds soothing elements similar to the eugenol or menthol in traditional cigarettes, so you can vape without making your throat sore. Finally, the acid lowers the temperature at which the salt vaporizes, making it more effective to use in vapes, and quickly absorbed by the body.

Nicotine salts as alternative cigarettes

As explained above, the nicotine salts for your e-liquid can give you a vaping experience that is similar to smoking a traditional cigarette, as compared to using a liquid with freebase nicotine. For this reason, they make a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. For this reason, they are recommended for certain users, such as:

  • Heavy smokers who need high nicotine content
  • Smokers who want an experience closer to smoking
  • Vape users who want a smoother vapour

Final words

Ultimately, many vapers are increasingly savouring and enjoying the e-liquid taste and flavour that are spruced up by the nicotine salts. So, what are you waiting for? Have a smoother vapour and more nicotine at the same time by taking your vaping experience to the next level with nicotine salts!

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