A Vaper's Way to Make the Most of Your E-Liquid For Better Flavour-Chasing

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Vapers love the satisfaction of drawing a deep hit of their tasty e-liquid, but beyond finding entertainment in billowing massive clouds, there’s a lot of flavours that delight the senses too. Not only does vaping help smokers taper off their bad habits with fewer stigmas, but it also provides a pleasant experience that always has surprises up its sleeve as the vaping market grows larger. 

Vaping can be a pricey hobby to maintain though, that’s why it’s important to maximise your collection to push your experience to flavourful heights without wasting your precious e-juices. If you want to steer clear from lack-lustre hits, leaky tendencies, and other wasteful vaping habits, the list below should help you treat your vape right so you can make the most of it: 

Tip #1: Reduce Airflow for Stronger Flavours 

Cloud-chasers need bigger airflow to make way for giant clouds, but this can greatly dampen the intensity of your e-juice. Dialling the airflow down a notch produces denser and warmer vapour, which packs in a deeper punch to your taste buds. 

You’ll need to experiment and find the right balance, though, since closing the airflow too tightly can compromise the vapour production, overheat the coils, and release hot vapour that can burn your tongue. Adjust the settings accordingly until it satisfies your taste!

Tip #2: Choose the Right Wicking and Coil Materials 

The materials you use can make or mar your e-liquid’s flavour, so it’s important to choose wisely. Cotton is the go-to wicking material for flavour-chasers since it produces clean and robust flavours, making it great for tasting the nuances of your e-juice. 

Stainless steel and titanium wires, on the other hand, offer one of the most undiluted extractions from your e-liquid, allowing you to explore a colourful and superior palate. The coil and wicking materials come in pairs, so both need to be high-quality if you want to make the most of your vape. 

Tip #3: Clean Your Device

Chain vapers will notice a gunky build-up stuck in your vape device, which can muddle the flavour of your e-liquid. Cleaning the device at least once a week can do wonders for ensuring you enjoy the full brunt of flavours from your e-juice collection. You can also swap out your e-juice whenever you clean your vape so you won’t develop a vaper’s tongue!

The Bottom Line: Bringing Out the Nuances and Quality of Your Old E-Liquid 

Vaping is an enjoyable experience in more ways than one, and flavour-chasing is one of its ultimate pleasures. Building an extensive e-liquid collection is a growing obsession, but it’s even better to draw out the most flavour possible in every puff. Fortunately, you can say goodbye to dull flavours by considering the tips above!

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