Introducing the Shortfill E-Liquids: What You Need to Know

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In 2016, The Tobacco Productive Directive (TPD) was in full implementation. All manufacturers, retailers, and vapers in the European Union were expected to comply with certain regulations. One of these regulations was that e-liquids containing nicotine could only be put into 10mL bottles or smaller. That gave birth to shortfill e-liquids, and if you have not heard about this type of product yet, this article will let you know what you need to learn about it.

What Is a Shortfill E-Liquid?

Shortfill e-liquids are vape e-juices made from vegetable glycerine that do not contain any nicotine. They usually come in large bottles, generally around 60mL, filled only up to 80 per cent of the capacity. Since there is enough extra space in the bottle, a vape user can either take it as is or add nicotine shots to it until it reaches their desired strength. 

It is called a shortfill because it only has 50mL of nicotine-free liquid in it, leaving the remaining 10mL as additional space for nicotine shots. These e-liquids also come in varying flavours and are perfect for anyone who wants to vape a high-VG e-liquid, needs to use a large bottle, or intends to add nicotine to their e-liquid. 

The Growth of Shortfill E-Liquid

Back then, the 10mL limit imposed by the TPD worried most vape users. They thought that some of their favourite e-juices would stop production or that their prices would increase. However, the vaping industry managed to come up with ways to innovate around the limit. The result made the vaping community more excited, especially since shortfill e-liquids are more affordable. 

Because of its increasing popularity, a lot of brands and manufacturers today are creating their own versions of shortfill liquid. 

How to Use the Shortfill E-Liquid: Steps to Add Nicotine

Mixing nicotine shots with an e-liquid is not as complicated as you think it will be. Here is how you do it:

  • First, remove the tamper-proof lid from your e-liquid bottle. 
  • Next, you need to remove the pipette or the drip cap to provide enough space for your nicotine. 
  • Pour down your nicotine shot. 
  • Then, make sure to tighten the lid back on and shake it well. 
  • Allow it to settle for a while. When you see that there are no more bubbles present in the mix, the juice is ready for usage. 
  • Add the juice to your tank and enjoy your vaping experience!

Important notes: 

  • When you are refilling your tank, make sure to shake the bottle or tilt it before using it to ensure that it is evenly mixed throughout. 
  • When you mix a nicotine shot to the e-juice, expect it to dilute the flavour a little. 
  • Although users are allowed to add as much nicotine as they like, most shortfill e-liquids can accommodate a maximum of two nicotine shots. Make sure to double-check the bottle’s size and adjust accordingly.
  • Some flavours will be faster to mix than others. For the best results, be patient and let the flavours blend for about one week. 


The shortfill e-liquid is another innovation that the vaping community now enjoys. It provides a great experience to users and gives them the opportunity to experiment and find their desired mix. If you are a vape user, whether a nicotine-lover or a plain VG-e-juice fan, you should consider trying this mix.

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