How Your Choice of Vape Juice Reflects Your Personality - Guide

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To every vaper out there, the reason each individual has a favourite vape juice is that it is what enhances their experience most. Just like having different favourite flavours of ice cream and sodas, the same can be said about vape juices. However, your choice of vape juice flavour might be more than just what flavours you like best. It might be a reflection of your personality! Read on to figure out which flavour you have to try for yourself.

The Correlation Between Preference and Personality

After plenty of research, scientists have found that there is a correlation between the type of food and personality of an individual. If that can be said about food, why not for vape juices? 

With that said, here are three personalities and which flavours tend to be favoured:

1. The Leader Type

If you find yourself a hardworking, reliable, and often taking up positions as a leader, your favourite vape juice flavour may very well be a green apple. And don't be surprised if it applies to you, or any of your vaping friends who are actual leaders. Many leaders out there love green apple.

2. The Chatty Type

If you are the chatty type, you should have a go with blueberry flavoured vape juice. People who lean to this flavour tend to be a little egocentric, only caring for one's affairs, yet risk-takers but not to the extreme. They love to be the centre of attention and chit chat with the people they care about the most. With that said, if you find yourself always yearning for attention (or doing things to get that) and love yourself a good conversation with folks around you, try out blueberry vape juice if you haven't yet.

3. The Safe Type

If you like to play life safe, don't be surprised if you tend to lean towards traditional vape juice flavours, such as tobacco. People who love conventional vape juices hardly ever take risks or put themselves in uncomfortable situations. They are not the adventurous types either, and will usually lay behind the scenes to watch from a distance. However, there are some of those people from other personality types that love old-school flavours, especially those who have been smoking for many years and only moved to vape juices with an acquired taste for tobacco.

 Surprised that you can relate to one of these personalities and that the vape juice mentioned is your favourite? That's cool, isn't it? Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one flavour. Go out there and you might figure out other flavours that you can enjoy regardless of your personality type. Try out all the different flavours and share them with your friends. Note down their personalities and their preference of vape juice flavour. You would be surprised how there will be a correlation. You can use the data to make recommendations to newcomers into the vape world, and perhaps to guide your choices when selecting your next vape juice.

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