How to Reduce Your E-Liquid’s Nicotine Level - Guide

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Most vapers get into the hobby to find a healthier alternative for cigarette smoking. However, vape juices do contain portions of concentrated nicotine, which can still cause damage to your lungs. Fortunately, you can gradually reduce the e-liquid’s nicotine content until it dwindles to zero.

Determine your starting point

Find the nicotine level that you’re comfortable with. Some companies manufacture juices with a maximum of 6 milligrams nicotine while others go as high as 24 mg. Nicotine levels of at least 12 mg are ideal for chain smokers, while 6 mg is the recommended starting point for light smokers. Choose a flavour that you like and make sure that its nicotine level won’t go beyond your smoking habit.

Have the right equipment

Upgrade your vape equipment if you want to reduce the nicotine intake. Advanced devices can increase the liquid’s potency as compared to their entry-level counterparts. Because of this, you can feel a stronger effect on a 6 mg juice on a sub-ohm mod than in a basic vape pen, forcing you to find a milder vape liquid.

Let your body adjust

Work your way down the nicotine level gradually. Allowing your body to adjust through different levels will lessen your craving for the substance. If you cut too much nicotine quickly, you’ll feel the need to smoke even more. Give yourself a few weeks to get accustomed to a lower nicotine level. Though starting this process can be challenging, you’ll pull through if you push yourself. 

Mixing down the juice

More flavours are available as you make your way to the lower nicotine ranges. However, while flavour options are plenty, you may find it difficult to find juices with low nicotine levels. What do you do then when you are at 3 mg but not yet ready to obliterate the nicotine?

Mixing flavours is the solution. You can do this by buying a 3 mg e-liquid and blending it with another juice that contains no nicotine. Blend equal amounts of these liquids in your tank, and you will have a 1.5 mg mix.

On the other hand, you can also buy unflavored base liquids that are made up of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. These liquids dilute the nicotine without altering the flavour. However, Glycerin and Propylene can cause the e-liquid to flow differently through the vape.

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