How To Maximize The Flavour Notes In Your E-Liquids

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Vape products are extremely popular for smokers looking to quit or to make the shift to a healthier alternative to tar and tobacco. With cigarettes, you only usually get that one sensation and taste, which is the tobacco flavour that only slightly deviates with each brand. With e-liquid products, you have a variety of tastes and flavours like fruity ones, or those similar to your favourite candies or pastries. This is what has made vaping such a popular option and product in recent years. 

With vape juices, there are often ways to enhance their flavours and intensities, so here are some ways to make them taste even better when you vape them:

Adjust the Wattage or Temperatures of Your Unit

Just like when cooking food or brewing coffee, there is a direct correlation between heat and flavour. Depending on your juice, the wattage set on your unit can allow it to taste either richer or sweeter. For those who absolutely love the flavours available for vapes, they choose mods with variable voltage settings that can be adjusted on the fly over the simpler click and use models. 

Each kind of liquid will have a varying optimal temperature that will produce the best results. Some will taste better at, let’s say, 20 watts, while others are going to have a better taste at higher wattage settings. The best part about it is that you can toy with the settings and find a wattage that works for your preferred e-liquid. 

Switch Up the Juice Flavours Regularly to Avoid “Vaper’s Tongue”

The biggest issue with sticking to one flavour for long periods of time is how your tongue will no longer react to the tastes the same way. This is because it spends too much time tasting the same thing over and over again. Just like how when you eat your favourite food daily for months on end, you will eventually fall out of love with it at a certain point.

To avoid this, keep switching between different flavours, such as having a healthy selection between fruity juices, to pastry types like cakes and even your favourite childhood candies. Once your tongue has worn out due to repeated exposure to the same juice, it will cease to be able to get the best out of the juice’s flavours. 

Ensure that Juices are Stored Properly

Like most products that are used by humans for food or drink purposes, e-liquids benefit greatly from proper storage. Storing them directly in sunlight, or in a damp environment can cause the chemical components to degrade quickly and make the juice expire prematurely or taste different. When stored properly, some liquids can age like a fine wine and develop extended flavour notes. Store your liquids properly in a cool, dry place to prevent the juice from deteriorating. 

Invest in a Good Atomiser that Complements your Mod

A good atomiser plays an integral role in the flavour notes of your vape juice. Avoid top-coil types of atomisers and opt for the bottom-coil ones, as the former has the flavour reliant on the wick, while the latter uses gravity to bring liquids down into the coils. Make sure that the tank is of quality as well, because certain models promote better taste production. 

Additionally, choose a rebuildable atomiser, so that you can adjust your builds to your tastes. This is a good option for those who are comfortable with building coils, so do consider if you are willing to go through the process of doing DIY procedures. This undoubtedly maximizes the experience a vaper will get from their juices but is also often a painstaking process. 


When it comes to the world of vapes and e-cigarettes, they cannot be matched by the tobacco industry due to the wide range of flavours that are available for use. With vaping, a healthier alternative to smoking exists and offers the same, if not even a more enjoyable experience. 

Momo E Liquid carries a wide range of vape products in the UK, with a healthy selection of e-liquids and even CBD products. When it comes to making the switch from your usual cigarette, consider vapes to help you curb your habits to an alternative, healthier form.

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