How to Cure Vaper’s Tongue Through a Couple of Easy Ways

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Have you lost the ability to taste vape juice? Don’t worry! This is a common occurrence that affects nearly all vapers. This affliction is called “vaper’s tongue”, and it typically lasts 1-3 days, but, on rare occasions, can last up to two weeks.

What causes vaper’s tongue?

  • Dehydration

  • One of the main causes of vaper’s tongue is simply dehydration. You see, in order for our taste buds in our mouth to work properly, they need saliva. Without saliva, your taste buds can’t taste at all. This is because the chemicals that cause taste need to be broken down by saliva to be detected by flavour receptors in the taste buds. So when you’re dehydrated and out of saliva, you can’t taste a thing. 

  • Flavour fatigue 

  • Another cause of not being able to taste your e-juice is flavour fatigue. Put simply, you can get exposed to a scent for so long that you lose the ability to smell it. Why is scent important? Scent makes up 70% of perceived flavour. In fact, for two distinct flavours of the same type, such as sweet apple and sweet pear, it is hard to tell the difference without scent.

  • Smoking

  • The last reason why so many vapers have problems tasting their e-juices all of a sudden is smoking. A lot of vapers are former or current smokers, which can influence their taste buds. Whether you quit recently or are continuing to smoke, your sense of taste will be dulled. Smoking is terrible for your mouth’s health; it can damage a lot, including your sense of taste and sense of smell. If you’ve quit, though, your sense of taste can recover given enough time.

    How do I stop vaper’s tongue?

    • Drink more water - To fix dehydration, try drinking more water. More water means more saliva, which, in turn, means that the chemicals that cause taste will be broken down properly. 

    • Moderate your intake - Try not to drink caffeine and alcohol as these are diuretics. That means they will cause you to urinate more often. Of course, if you urinate more often, you get dehydrated, which could lead to vaper’s tongue.

    • Try dry mouth oral rinse (and other such products) - These can temporarily cure dry mouth. These products are designed to moisturise and relieve dry mouth symptoms.

    • Clean your tongue - When brushing your teeth, don’t forget to clean your tongue! Use a tongue scraper to really ensure good hygiene.

    • Take longer breaks in between vaping - If you don’t think your issue is hydration, then it could be flavour fatigue. Try to take longer breaks between vaping to give your sense of smell a rest.

    • Try a different flavour - No matter how much you like your vape flavour, try a different one every now and then. Sometimes, your senses are only dulled to one flavour in particular. Remember: your sense of smell can only sense a scent for so long.

    • Go for minty flavours - Menthol doesn’t need to be smelled or tasted to be sensed. It doesn’t get sensed by taste buds; it activates thermoreceptors instead.

    • Quit smoking - If you’re having consistent dry mouth issues, one of the best things you can do is quit smoking. While it may take some time for this change to affect your tastebuds, it’s all worth it in the end, not only for the vaping benefits, but also the health benefits.


    Hopefully, this article has informed you about vaper’s tongue and how to best prevent and cure it. Remember! Hydrate, avoid flavour fatigue and try to stop smoking. Should your symptoms persist, consult your doctor. 

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