The Shortfill: The Great E-liquid Hack for UK Vapers

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Vaping is preferred by many smokers today for the convenience, variety of flavours, and the ability to choose nicotine or CBD. It is understandable that vapers may have one or two things to say when big legislative changes are suddenly imposed, affecting their favourite vape juice strains and varieties.

But with a little thinking outside the box, you can also adapt and still follow the law. Continue with this short guide to understand the finer details of what the shortfill is and its role in keeping vapers happy but still law-abiding.

The Origin of the Shortfill

For all enthusiastic vapers, it can be inconvenient when drastic changes are made. A case in point was the great Tobacco Products Directive of 2017. In this legislation, certain unwelcome changes applied to all vaping UK standards, including limiting the maximum e-liquid bottles to 10ml doses, with a 20mg/ml or 2 per cent nicotine strength level and a 2ml limit for the maximum cartridge tank size.

This small change soon caused further changes in the e-liquid UK industry, including the phase-out of certain flavours and some cost-cutting steps. They caused manufacturers to produce other in-demand vape carts and different vape juice varieties and stopped many of them, adding insult to injury for the vaping industry and customers alike. All the local vapers’ reactions were understandable, but they had to accept this local law and deal with it, but only initially.

But an e-liquid hack developed in this crisis that’s both lawful and thoughtful for all vapers.

Adapt and Improve

Vapers found a way to work around these rules. The shortfill was introduced based on a local technicality that vapers exploited to the current situation. A shortfill is one of those bigger e-liquid bottles that can hold 50ml or more in one go.
One of these technicalities states that zero-nicotine vape liquid does not fall under the TPD jurisdiction and requires no testing. Vape liquid creators decided to produce zero-nicotine vaping juice according to UK standards. 

From here, you could use another legal option: just add a nicotine concentrate approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency or MHRA.

How Does a Shortfill Work?

Take a standard MoMo Lab UK 50ml bottle and fill it with your zero-nicotine juice only up to 40ml in. You still have a remaining 10ml space allocation in your bottle. Take 10ml of the legal nicotine concentrate and fill the remaining space, and you would have a full bottle of regulated eliquid that won’t get you in trouble.

The nicotine liquid is available in additional shots of twenty, eighteen, twelve, six, and three mg each, and the shortfill bottles are up to a maximum of 200ml, leaving you enough space to mix up your concentrates. 

It’s still a win for the local vaping community as this easy hack allows local vapers to continue vaping as they please. You can even mix your own combinations and adjust nicotine strength, just like adding extra espresso shots to your coffee.

Final Notes

While some of the changes affecting vapers and the vape and eliquid industry, it also allowed for some slight adaptive measures to accommodate vapers. The shortfill addressed the minor bottle issue, using bigger bottles with a combination of legal zero-nicotine eliquid and regulated nicotine concentrates.

MoMo E-Liquid recommends safe and lawful use of our popular products. We comply with all UK standards for the highest quality eliquid collection. Don’t limit yourself and get your vape goods from us today.

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