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Beyond cloud chasing and tasting your way to a rainbow of e-juices, the best thing about vaping is the steadily growing community that aims to make your experience as positive as possible. There are already 35 million adult vapers back in 2016, and now, the numbers are rising and may hit 55 million by 2021.

With such a large community, there are bound to be organizations that aim to help other vapers to maximize their experience. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned e-cigarette user, you must have needed help or advice from someone more experienced than you at some point in your journey.

For that reason, many people set up a ‘vape it forward’ program wherein you can give away your extra, unused juice or equipment to other vapers in need. Instead of hoarding knowledge, you can expect a community that is more than willing to spread their goodwill by paying it forward. Or in this case, vaping it forward.

How Can You Get Started? 

The heart of the movement is all about sharing, so you can get started either through a friend, co-worker, or actively seeking new vapers in forums or online communities. Starting is as easy as giving away old hardware that you no longer use, or juices that are brand new but don’t plan on tasting. On that note, there are critical etiquette rules that you must adhere to when participating in the vape it forward movement:

DO make sure that the hardware you intend on giving away is in optimal working condition. Get rid of the saying ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ as vape it forward is all about sharing equipment that aims to improve someone’s vaping experience. To that end, broken mods will not be the best gift, especially for newbies who have no clue on how to get the hardware up and to run.

DON’T give away juice that has been dusting in your closet for more than two years. You may think you’re saving on a few bucks, but old juice will have muted flavours, and a harsh hit as the nicotine has already broken down.

DO pass along flavours that do not interest you or have the wrong nicotine strength. It’s normal to dislike individual e-juice flavour profile as its just not your cup of tea, but it has the potential to be someone else’s treasure if you give it a chance. Just be sure to let them know that you have tried it at least once and avoid giving away half-empty bottles.

Connect with Vapers Online

One of the best ways to connect with your like-minded vapers is to sign up for online forums. It’s a fun, convenient, and easy way to share your experiences with beginners and donate starter kits, accessories, and e-liquids to smokers who are looking to break into vaping. As many communities say, ‘as we vape, we accumulate, so let’s pass on the good fortune!’

Any reason is an excellent reason to give, which is what makes up the heart of the vape it forward program. Be it to help a loved one quit smoking, introduce your friends to a whole new world of flavours, or encourage a fellow vape.

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