Everything You Need to Know About Nic-Salt E-Liquid

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Although it’s fairly new compared to its other e-liquid counterparts, nic-salt vape juice has caused quite a storm in the market because of the experiences that it delivers. With the help of the primary ingredients in question, today’s vapers are far more exposed to a larger variety of different options to play around with for their puffing experiences. 

Amid all this buzz about nic-salt vape juice and how it helps bring out new flavours, there’s one question that easily comes to mind: “What’s so special about it?”

Everything you need to know about nic salts

If you are entirely new to the idea of using nic salts in your vape juice or want to know more about it in further detail before you try out, here’s everything you need to know about this product: 

What are nic salts?

Nic salts (or nicotine salt) is a naturally-forming type of nicotine derived from leaf tobacco, making them a fairly natural product.

What essentially happens when you consume this tobacco-derived product is that your body takes in nicotine in a much faster and more efficient way when it’s mixed into your favourite e-liquids. As a result, nic salt e-liquids—such as those that MoMo E-Liquid provides—are guaranteed to deliver a much more satiating experience in the long run. 

How is it like to vape nicotine salt?

When it comes to quality vaping experiences, it’s worth noting that nic salt e-liquid is easier to inhale because it has a greater level of bio-compatibility.

Through the help of a more refined chemical profile, the substance ensures that throat hits are less harsher, powerful liquids are easier to deal with, and there’s more nicotine in every hit. In other words, vaping nic salt e-liquid means that you’ll have a higher-quality experience without worrying about headaches, poor delivery, or other issues found in other types of vape juice! 

What do you get out of vaping juices like this?

Generally, all the buzz that surrounds nic salt e-liquid is very much well-deserved because of the many benefits it provides. If you’re looking for a sign to make the switch to an e-liquid, here are three reasons that are too irresistible to ignore:

1. It has a much longer shelf life

As opposed to older e-liquids that last no more than a few months on the shelf, nic salt vape liquid can last for at least a year in storage. These liquids can last much longer and keep their flavours intact because they’re far more chemically stable to the point where the nicotine quality doesn’t fade over time!

2. It allows you to get faster nicotine fixes


Unlike freebase nicotine that can take a minute or so to provide a feeling of satisfaction because of its “build-up” approach, nic salt juice delivers a quality hit in seven seconds, tops. What this means is that you won’t have to end up getting cranky or impatient while using vaping as a means to get rid of your nasty smoking habit!

3. It is much cheaper

When you opt for nic salt juices, not only do your body and taste buds benefit particularly well, but so does your bank account. Although standard nicotine salt-infused options are priced higher by a quid or two than regular juices, you won’t have to take as many hits to fulfil your nicotine cravings, meaning that it's easier to conserve your juice and spend less each year! 


Among the different vape juices that are available today, none have been subject to more speculation and a warm reception than nic salt e-liquid, and for all the right reasons. With the details mentioned above in mind, you’ll have a much better grasp of what makes salt nic e-liquid so special and why you must start using it today!

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