E-Cigs Vs Cigarettes: Why You Should Swap

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Many have vouched for the health benefits e-cigarettes promise over the real thing. Corroborated by the NHS, vaping in the U.K. is running its Marlboro and Winston counterparts out of convenience-store-business. If you’re considering making the swap, take a look at these alluring advantages that come with ditching your pack for a tub of e-juice. 

It’s 95% Less Hazardous

A study by the Public Health England claims 95% less damage to the body in vaping with nicotine e-liquid over puffing regular cigarettes. Furthermore, the Queen Mary University in London upholds that smokers who transition into vaping habits stand a much better chance of abandoning the habit altogether. Rather than gum or patches, vaping holds a better track record for helping smokers quit. 

Why Do E-Cigarettes “Work?”

Vaping, by virtue, replaces a lousy habit with a nearly identical norm, eliminating harmful chemicals without losing the comforting “mouth feel.” While nicotine gum mimics the effects of smoking, smokers-in-limbo don’t get to indulge in the familiar drag process or feel of nicotine at the back of the throat. 

With an e-cigarette, users have the advantage of being able to control the amount of nicotine they input in their devices. As you get into the habit, your body will believe it’s getting the much-needed hit it thinks it needs while you kick-start the weaning process. 

What Do E-Cigarettes Do to the Body?

Withdrawal symptoms are the bane of any smoker’s existence—unless you’re transitioning with an e-cigarette. As early as two days after pulling the plug on tobacco, carbon monoxide exits the body, allowing the lungs to clear. By this time, vaping rookies enjoy an enhanced sense of smell and taste, and e-juices are all the more exciting. 

In the first week, energy levels rise, and breathing becomes less laborious. By the 9-month mark, lung function improves by 10%. After a year, the risk of experiencing a heart attack drops by a whopping 50%. In five, the risk of diabetes returns to that of a non-smoker. 

Continue the vaping habit, and by the 10-year mark, you’ll achieve the same stroke risk as you would as if you’ve never smoked. To top it off, you’ll have half the risk of contracting lung cancer. After the long haul, at 15 years, you’ll have the same heart attack risk as someone who’s never lit up a stick in their life. 


Kicking the cigarette packs is incomparable to kicking the can—but we’ll be the first to admit it’s no easy feat. E-cigarettes make for an easier transition into a smoke-free lifestyle, allowing users to indulge in a familiar mouth-feel without the adverse effects of tar and tobacco.

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