Comparing VG-Only Mixtures to Traditional Vape Juices

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For people who vape, there is a widening gap between fans of traditional Propylene Glycol(PG)-Vegetable Glycerine(VG) vape juice and aficionados of the Vegetable Glycerine(VG)-only variety. When the idea of vaping first came to smokers, no one really cared about what was in their juice since both mixes were chemically suitable to suspend flavours and nicotine concentrates for vaping. However, as the hobby developed, the difference between the two solutions became more apparent. But which is better? A vape juice with a VG/PG mix or the variety with VG-only?

Healthier Option

PG and VG are the most important components of vape juices, as they help with the smoke consistency and sharpen the flavourings respectively. But the main difference between the two is that PG is a synthetic non-intoxicating alcohol with oily properties that is a byproduct of plastic, while VG is all-natural and comes from vegetables, much like what you use for pans at home. Since it’s natural, many people with strict religious or medical dietary restrictions prefer it.

Natural Sweetener

People who vape think that a downside of VG is it has a naturally light and sweet flavour. Since it is sourced from soybeans and palm trees, it has a naturally sweet flavour. 

Having a sweet base for a vape juice flavour isn’t too bad. Most vape juice flavours in the market today are flavoured to mimic desserts. VG’s sweet taste is considered an advantage because it is a healthier alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugars.

Safer to Inhale

Vaping, in general, is already safer than smoking. But switching to a pure VG-only vape juice makes the process even safer. Smokers experience what they call a “throat hit,” which happens when they are smoking cigarettes to extrude the nicotine content. The throat hit also happens in vaping, but to a lesser extent if the vape user switches to a pure VG vape juice. Switching to VG promotes a smoother hit, producing thick and oily clouds for a soothing sensation.

Bigger and Better Clouds

Due to VG’s viscosity, it creates thicker and more responsive clouds. If you’re into smoke games and cloud chasing, then VG-only vape juices are your best option. 

Smoother Flavors

Some say that the best part about vaping is the flavours of vape juice. No matter what flavour profile you prefer, with VG’s thick consistency and thick billowing clouds, the flavours will surely hit you in more obvious ways.


Although there is a widening gap among people who prefer VG-only juices and PG/VG vape juices, preference still comes first in determining which vape juice is best for you. If you prefer hits that are a bit harsher, produce fewer clouds, and more neutral in taste, then go for PG and VG mixes. Meanwhile, if you prefer a sweeter flavour, thicker clouds, and a sharper taste, choose a VG-only vape juice.

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