Cloud Chasing: How to Produce Those Gigantic Vapour Clouds

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People enjoy vaping differently. For some, seeing clouds adds to the sense of satisfaction. If you are into this kind of experience, certain factors are vital in achieving large clouds. You need the right e-liquid, strong batteries, and well-designed coils. You even need to change how you inhale and exhale to achieve big cloud effects. 

This article can teach you how to choose the right coil and give you other tips to create the giant clouds you want. 

Elements That Affect the Volume of Your Vape Cloud

Here are some factors that can help you determine the size of your cloud:

  • The VG Percentage: The VG stands for vegetable glycerin. The higher the amount of VG in the liquid you use, the bigger the clouds you can make. Choose an e-juice that has at least 50 per cent potency. The VG should also be higher than the PG or propylene glycol in the mix.

  • The Cleanliness of Your Coil: This one is an obvious yet often overlooked factor. When there is a buildup in your coil, it could block and prevent your vape from performing at its full capacity. You may get smaller clouds no matter how amazing your device is and how high the VG percentage of your juice is. So make sure that you clean your coils regularly or as often as needed and perform the cleaning the right way.

  • The Number of Coils: If you need to make a choice, opt for the dual coils as they can vaporise more liquid at a time, contributing to the cloud size. In addition, the dual coils can increase the coil’s capacity, allowing it to work harder than regular coils.

  • The Coil Resistance: The coil resistance also matters. The lower the coil resistance, the faster the coil could heat up. When there is quick heat, the device would produce more clouds. You can determine the coil’s resistance by referring to its AWG number. The atomiser head should have a resistance of less than 1.0 ohm. 
  • Surface Area: The volume of clouds a coil could produce also depends on the surface area. The bigger the coil surface area, the larger the clouds you can create. However, you should be aware that there are instances wherein the flavour might differ due for the same reason.
  • The Best Coils to Use

    Here are some of the best coils that you can use if you want to invest in your cloud experience:

    1: The Staple Coil: This coil is made up of a much thinner gauge strand usually wrapped around a stack with eight to ten flat ribbon wires. That makes this coil ramp up faster than others while also enhancing its flavour. 

    2: The Fused Clapton Coil: This coil is also thinner, but instead of eight to ten, it is only wrapped in two or thicker gauge cores. Those multiple cores contribute to the quick ramp-up and better flavours.

    3: The Twisted Coils: The twisted coil is made of flat coils twisted together to look like a spiral. That allows the juice to flow into the coil freely while also enhancing the vapour production and flavour. 


    The secret to making great vape clouds lies in the factors that make them big. Study these qualities and the products you buy. Determine which among the elements mentioned works best for your current vape. Experiment and conduct trials to see what satisfies you. More importantly, have fun creating big vape clouds. 

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