Causes of Vaper’s Tongue and How to Speed Up Your Recovery

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Vaping is a great alternative for people who want to enjoy a variety of flavours as they smoke. However, vaping may sometimes cause a certain side effect called vaper’s tongue, which can temporarily interfere with the ability of a person to taste vape juice. In some cases, it will get in the way of taste perception as a whole! This condition can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. 

If you suddenly found yourself unable to taste the flavour of your vape juice, it may be understandable to feel scared and wonder if your sense of taste will ever go back to normal. You may have chanced upon this blog post because you are looking for a cure for vaper’s tongue. Read on to find out the need-to-know facts about this condition.

Recovering From Vaper’s Tongue

We’ve got some good news for you: there are a number of home remedies that you can try to get rid of vaper’s tongue. Before that, here are the most common causes of this condition. Knowing what caused your case will help you know how to get rid of it.

Causes of Vaper’s Tongue

1 - Using the Same Flavour of Vape Too Frequently

Sometimes, your tongue may get overwhelmed if you use the same flavour of vape juice over and over again. The explanation for this is that the taste buds gradually adjust to the flavour, making it seem like the flavour disappeared.

2 - Dehydration

If you are dehydrated, you may lose the ability to taste. The taste receptors will not be able to function properly if there is not enough saliva.

3 - Medications

There are some medications that may also interfere with the sense of taste. When taking a new type of medication, check the side-effects. If you see that it causes dry mouth, that may be the culprit.

How to Bring Your Sense of Taste Back

1 - Hydrate

Staying hydrated will help ensure that you will not lose your sense of taste and smell. Drinking lots of water throughout the day will help you remain hydrated and able to enjoy flavours.

2 - Suck on a Lemon Wedge

Sucking on a lemon wedge will help “reset” your taste buds and bring back your ability to taste. The bitter aftertaste of citrus rind will act as a palate cleanser and refresher to your tongue.

3 - Improve Your Dental Hygiene Habits

A clean mouth will be better able to taste properly. Making sure that you practice good oral health habits will not only help you maintain healthy teeth and gums but will also help you avoid getting vaper’s tongue.

4 - Change Your Vape Juice Flavour

Shifting to another vape juice flavour may also bring back your ability to taste. This may work if you have been using the bottle for a long time.


If you find yourself with a vaper's tongue, just remember that it is not a permanent condition. While it will resolve itself within a few weeks at most, you can try the remedies mentioned above if you want a quick solution that will help bring your taste buds back to life.

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