What Beginners Need to Know About Vape Pods

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One of the surefire things in life is that the vaping industry has a lot of cutting-edge technology and it's got a lot of innovation. However, there's a downside: it’s hard for vapers to keep up with the latest devices and products like e-liquid in the UK that come out! That's likely due to the seemingly endless possibilities brought on by vaping.

Vape and Vape Pods

A lot of people initially take interest in vaping as a way of quitting their cigarette smoking habit. This is a demographic that has certainly not gone unnoticed amongst vape manufacturers. This particular group of new vapers shows no signs of dwindling anytime soon. Lately, vape product design as well as engineering have been moving towards an experience much like the "old-school" cigarette. That authenticity has helped more people to make the transition to vaping without giving up any of smoking's positive elements.

One of the most popular devices for vape in the UK are vape pod systems. They offer an experience that's analog-style, with advanced technology. Vaping becomes incredibly convenient when pod systems are used. 

Aside from the convenience, pod systems are also incredibly affordable and user-friendly. Many vapers see a pod system as the ideal balance between a basic, cheap vape pen and a pricey, ultra-advanced mod. It's budget-friendly within reason, not too complicated, and manages to provide a vape experience that's no less than excellent.


As previously mentioned, vape pod systems enjoy popularity due to being a great middle point between basic e-cigarettes and more advanced vape mods. A lot of vapers begin with a simple, cheap vape pen or e-cig. They familiarize themselves with the device and form an understanding of what it is they like and don't like when it comes to vaping sessions. 

It should be noted that there are certain disadvantages to basic devices. While they're portable and cheap, basic pens and e-cigs aren't able to offer a lot of power or battery life. On the other hand, advanced mods have many options for customization and a lot of power, but there aren't many people looking to spend a lot of time or money on working devices that are more complicated.

Vape Pod System

Having a vape pod system is a lot like having the perfect trifecta of vaping. It's affordable, convenient, and performs well in terms of power. They give users an amazing vape experience without hassle and at a low cost. As the name suggests, a pod is in place for holding and vaporizing e-liquid. This is  a replacement to the usual tank or atomizer found with a standard mod. Vape pod systems are usually described as all in one, or "AIO", since everything necessary for vaping is already included:

  • Cartridges with built-in coil
  • E-juice
  • Wick

Since a pod system is a device that's self-contained, there's no need for an atomizer or tank to be attached. Standard pods hold around 1mL to 3mL of e-juice.


Vape pod systems are a new popular type of vaping device. They offer a perfect trifecta: affordability, convenience, and power. They are usually known for being all in one ("AIO") as all the needs for vaping are already included.

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