All You Need to Know About Mixing Salt-Nic E-Liquid

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After lots of deliberation, you’ve finally chosen to switch over to a pod-mod vape system, which leaves you with one more task in the tank: experimenting with flavours. 

As opposed to other vape devices, pod-mod systems allow anyone to fully make the most out of their bottles of e-liquid because of how well it achieves an optimal burn every time. Instead of balancing and finding the perfect voltage to work with, all you’ll need to do if you want to get top-quality flavour is to turn the mod on and take a hit!

With a variety of vape juice options on the market, you may have already dabbled into the idea of going beyond what’s in the bottle by pairing it up with different juices for better flavour experiences. Luckily, you won’t have to give yourself a hard time over learning how to do DIY vaping because there’s an easier way to get high-quality tastes: mix your salt-based e-liquid juices. 

A few tips to consider before mixing your juices

Today’s salt-based e-juice flavours are essentially considered as “prime specimens” for taste mixing because they’re formulated in a way where they blend seamlessly. Before you jump at the chance to start creating your new flavour and come up with bold new options to play with, there are three tips you need to consider:

Tip #1: Read the flavour combination out loud before you put them together

A “cheesecake-tobacco” salt-nic combination may seem like a “grand idea” in a sense, but you may have to re-evaluate that thought for a bit by saying it out loud first and checking again.

If you don’t want to waste your precious e-juice on strange combinations that don’t match once you finally test them out, it’s best to double or triple-think a peculiar variety. Now, if it sounds more reasonable than weird every time you say it, then the “strange” flavour combination you’re thinking of is something that should try!

Tip #2: Try working with complementary flavours

Another quick way to determine which flavour combinations work best with each other and which ones don’t is to opt for known complimentary profiles.

Combinations like sour and sweet, salty and sweet, and sweet and minty are all great platforms to work with because of how well they deliver a palatable experience. However, if you aren’t well-aware of what combinations you can start trying, then a quick search online on forums is bound to point you in the right direction!

Tip #3: Mix with high-quality vape juices of the same VG/PG ratios

For any vaper who is extra particular about the flavour that they get, VG/PG ratios are a crucial factor in determining the quality of vaping experience, especially when mixing flavours.

It may not necessarily seem like much at first, but matching the VG/PG ratios of your vape juices can make or break your experience by delivering a desirable consistency or completely throwing it off. Fortunately, you can keep the quality of your vaping experience on point by getting e-liquids of the same ratios from MoMo Eliquid – the UK’s top e-liquid suppliers!


Although salt-based or salt nic e-liquids are already excellent on their own, there is an even larger world of possibilities that await when you get to mix and smoke them— especially when everything is done right. With the help of the three tips mentioned above, you can quickly perfect any blend that you decide to put together without having to make things harder for yourself!

Are you looking to purchase salt-based e-liquid in the UK to mix, but don’t know where to start? MoMo Eliquid is an award-winning UK brand with all of our e liquids manufactured in-house. Check out our online shop to find the best options in all of the UK at unbeatable prices! 

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