Vaping 101: Achieving the Best Throat Hit Without Adding PG

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The act of vaping is one that many may consider as a modern way of enjoying your “smokes.” 

There used to be a time when people would light up their cigars or cigarettes and spend their whole lunch breaks puffing all their worries away. While it may have been the norm back then, the advent of technology took an innovative turn, enabling many to enjoy the modern rendition of these tobacco sticks, which is better known as e-cigarettes or vapes.

The thing about e-cigarettes is that they are more customizable regarding the level of smoking length and flavours, something that traditional cigars could never take advantage of.

The Perfect Hit

As subtle as it may be, another main advantage that vape devices would usually provide their users is the throat hit. Don’t be alarmed by the term; it just basically refers to the satisfying feeling that “hits” your throat once the vapour starts to set in. 

Take note that no two throat hits are the same. Many factors may affect the level of satisfaction that you and others may attain when using the vape, such as its make, its model, its modifications or mods, and even the flavour being used in it.

Now, as varied as it may be, there are ways to achieve the perfect throat hit whenever you use your e-cigarette. Vape juices usually use Propylene Glycol (PG), a substance that both absorbs water and stimulates your senses in a way that adds to the satisfactory feeling whenever you’re vaping. It may seem harmless at first until you realise that PG also tends to cause inflammation of the lungs—a condition that no one ever wants to go through! 

In such a case, there are a couple of ways to avoid it while achieving a satisfactory level of a throat hit. Here are some things you can do:

  • Adjusting the Power Settings of Your Vape

  • More often than not, vapes are equipped with an adjustment setting so that you would be able to adjust the strength of the vapour over time. A higher setting would provide a stronger throat hit, whereas a lower setting would achieve the opposite.

  • Choosing a Higher Nicotine Strength

  • Every vape juice has its own nicotine strength. You have the freedom to choose whatever vape flavour you want, but if you want to get consistent hits, you may go for one with higher nicotine content.

  • Choosing New Flavours to Try Out

  • The great thing about vaping is that there are a lot of flavours to choose from! 

    A study back in 2018 revealed that there are over 7,000 e-cigarette flavours around the world. If you’re stumped in trying to pick between two flavours, imagine the confusion you’d have when trying to pick out from that amount. It is always better to have unlimited options in such a case since you may go for the ones that provide the best throat hits—one that’s fitted according to your experience and preference.


    Achieving the perfect throat hit is a matter of trying out new flavours, adjusting your vape settings, and looking out for the nicotine content. While it may not always be applicable to get consistent with it, to enjoy the right balance of both weak and strong hits, you should still be able to distinguish which vaping technique works best for you to enjoy your vaping experience!

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