A Beginner's Guide to Dealing with Flavour Fatigue

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In the same way that gas is to cars and heat is to cooking, flavour is an all-essential aspect of vaping that gives the latter more meaning when it comes to any kind of experience.

Over time, the number of puffs that you make daily helps you refine your tastes for vape juices and foster a few acquired tastes you never thought you’d ever pick up. As ideal as it may sound to have fresh bottles of e-liquid, however, the truth is that flavour-packed tastes won’t always be possible, even more so when you consider the concept of flavour fatigue

What is flavour fatigue?

The common phenomenon of flavour fatigue is defined as an experience that happens when certain flavours of vape juice end up inadvertently altering your perception of it. 

Alternatively known as vaper’s tongue, the condition makes it far more difficult to know exactly what kind of e-liquid you’re tasting and affects a large portion of vapers every year. Generally, the overall duration of the experience can last anywhere between a few hours to a few days, and in some rare cases, it may even last for several weeks! 

What causes it?

In most cases, the loss of ability to discern flavours or taste properly is caused by dehydration that comes about with continuous and copious amounts of vaping. 

As dehydration continues, a certain film builds up in the nasal passages and inside of the mouth to the extent that odours are prevented from reaching your olfactory receptors, leading to the tasteless sensation. The occurrence of flavour fatigue is also worsened when paired with chronic dehydration and can further extend the overall amount of time the taste buds are hampered from tasting properly. 

How can you treat and prevent it from happening?

When it comes to dealing with flavour fatigue, the solutions that help remedy it are the same as the ones that prevent it from happening in the first place. If you’ve experienced the condition in the past, heard many horror stories about it or are currently experiencing it, here are three preventive cures that also double as remedies: 

1. Stay hydrated

Seeing that the main cause of the condition itself is dehydration, the obvious solution to overcoming it is to hydrate as much as possible. By drinking at least eight glasses of water each day, you can keep your tongue primed to appreciate every flavour while keeping your organs in great shape!

2. Rotate your vape juices

Another effective way to prevent a case of flavour fatigue and keep your olfactory senses functioning is to constantly switch up your flavours. Consistently rotating your vape juices helps ensure that the olfactory senses are not overloaded with a single proprietary blend so that everything can keep working smoothly!

3. Drink less alcohol

With its direct link to copious amounts of dehydration, alcohol is often seen as another main cause for flavour fatigue in vapers all over the UK. By reducing your alcohol intake, however, you can significantly prevent any problems from messing with your taste buds and enjoy your juices better than ever!


Dealing with a case of flavour fatigue is all about taking the right steps to prevent it from happening and treat it if any kind of problems come up. By taking this guide into mind the next time your taste buds start to disappear, you can prevent a full-blown case from happening ever again and enjoy your juices as much as you should! 

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