A Beginner Vaper's Checklist for Awesome Experiences

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Thanks to the advent of technology, ingenuity, and the innate human desire to be better, our bad habits are close to becoming things of the past—thanks to various products that can help restore control!

From non-alcoholic beer and nicotine patches to available therapy treatments and online rehabilitation tools for drug addiction, the number of different ways in which we can be our best selves is uncountable. Although all the available tools that can be used to cut out bad habits are nearly endless, there’s one alternative that’s well worth considering above all else: vaping. 

The impact of vaping, and how it can help curb your smoking habit

When it comes to overcoming a cigarette dependency and paving the path to clearer, healthier lungs, nothing is as useful a tool as vaping.

Touted as the main alternative to any smoking or nicotine addiction, vaping offers a far healthier and more exciting approach that anyone can use if they need a smoother transition to a healthier life. With an abundance of different options, flavours, mods, and pens available in the market, you can get a hold of anything you need to leave your chain-smoking tendencies for good.

What you need if you want to start vaping

Although it’s easy to see precisely why vaping yields the perfect opportunity to get away from smoking, starting the habit off is quite tricky. Fortunately, getting started can be quickly done with a nudge in the right direction—and in this case, all you’ll need is a checklist of everything you’ll need to get your hands on:

[  ] Your vaping hardware

Before you get to start inhaling and puffing out flavourful and enjoyable clouds of smoke, you’ll need the necessary equipment to make it all possible. As a beginner, the best option that you can start working with is either a starter kit or vape pod.

With a starter kit, you’ll have a newbie-friendly mod-tank set-up to play with. These are easy to configure, set-up, and get the hang of on your own as you get acquainted with other vaping concepts over time. 

On the other hand, vape pods are great if you’re simply looking for something to take a hit that isn’t difficult to maintain, charge, or deal with whatsoever. While a bit more expensive, these are straightforward units that deliver the experience without any illusions or sidetracking.

The best part about these starter kits or vape pods is that they’re easy to use, clean, refill, charge, and bring around—adding a whole lot to the value of your experience!

[  ] Your choice of e-liquid

One of the many reasons that vaping is such an exciting experience to partake of is that there are a limitless number of flavours to try and enjoy. With the number of eliquid products in the market, finding your particular poison boils down to your own personal taste.

Whether you’re a sweet tooth smoker, a puff-heavy connoisseur, or someone that wants to avoid a nasty cold turkey experience with controlled servings of nicotine, there will always be a bottle perfect for you. MoMo ELiquid has thousands of different options in stock, allowing you to find the best e-liquid for your tastebuds.


If you’re looking to get into vaping for the first time, you must come prepared with all the right products and tools so you can start enjoying the immense benefits of the smoking alternative right off the bat. With the help of this checklist, you’ll be able to stock up on everything you need to huff and puff for healthier, flavour-packed, and more enjoyable vaping experiences!

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