6 Important Reminders for First-Time Dripping Vapers

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Are you a vaper who dreams of producing bigger clouds when you smoke? That technique you often see others do is called dripping. Apart from a grand display of smoke, you’ll also experience a stronger flavour when you try vape dripping. It is a vaping style that has become popular in recent years. It works by pouring your e-liquid directly into the coil of your vape, then taking a couple of hits and repeating the process. Instead of sitting around the tank, your e-liquid goes directly to your coil, that’s why it produces a more concentrated vapour. 

While it sounds easy to do, there are a few reminders you need to know before you practice dripping in your vapes. 

Tip 1. You should have the proper equipment

Not anyone can do the dripping just because they want to. Before you start practising dripping, you need to ensure that your vape can accommodate the process. What makes your dripping vape different from other standard vapes is its atomizer. 

A dripping setup should have an RDA or rebuildable dripping atomizer. With an RDA, users are free to build their coils and install the wires on their own. An RDA also allows users to have easy access to the coil, which makes the whole process possible. 

Apart from the right dripping vape, you should also have a high-wattage box mod. The more power, the warmer and more massive the clouds you can produce. Having the high-wattage box mod will also help you create smoke rings. 

Tip 2. Use only high-quality e-liquid 

If you want to make impressive clouds, you need to use a premium e-juice. If you use less concentrated flavour, you’d only end up with unpleasant taste and experience. Invest in quality juice that has high-quality ingredients. Besides a way better feeling, the low-quality juice can also burn your coil quickly. Cheap juice may contain ingredients that could stick onto your coil and ruin your smoke. You don’t want that to happen, don’t you?

Tip 3. Use a compatible coil

The coil you use plays the most crucial role in creating that rich smoke. Make sure you use the right coil with the appropriate wattage for your vape to avoid any mishaps from happening.

Tip 4. Be precise with how much e-liquid you pour

Too much e-liquid can flood your coil while using too little can dry it or burn it later. Use the right amount of e-liquid when doing your drip. At least three to five drops each time is an ideal amount to pour onto your coil.

Tip 5. Before taking a hit, put back the drip tip to avoid burning your mouth

This reminder is the often forgotten note for first-time drippers. The thing is you need to remove the drip tip so that you can see the coil where you’ll pour the e-liquid. After that, you need to put back the drip tip before you take a hit. If not and the device fires up, the coil will become hot, and if you put it in your lips, it can seriously burn your mouth. 

Tip 6. Know your e-liquid limitation

By now, you already know the importance of your coil in doing the dripping process. That’s why it is also essential to make sure that you’re only pouring the right amount of e-liquid your coil allows. When you take hits, monitor how many you can make. In general, you should only produce a couple of big hits per juice. Don’t overuse it; otherwise, you’ll burn your coil. 


If you want to level up your vaping experience, dripping is one style you should try. If you’re a first-timer, familiarise yourself with the reminders stated here, and you’ll be good. Make sure to clean your RDA at least once a week and ensure that it is working correctly before using it. 

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