5 Things to Expect When You Start Vaping

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Smoking can be highly addictive and habitual over time. Once you fall under its spell, it can be rather hard to break it. This is because cigarettes contain substances that are meant to keep you wanting more. Though there are many health risks associated with smoking, attempting to quit is more difficult than it may seem. However, switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping can be a more viable option in breaking the habit. Doing so can reduce the many health issues commonly attributed to cigarette smoking. 

The switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping is a big change, so it’s best that you prepare and be ready for the changes! If you’ve just started vaping, here’s what to expect:

1. Sudden body changes

If there’s one thing that will surely happen, it’s the changes in your body. As with smoking cessation, switching from smoking to vaping can also entail some adjustments in your body. If you’ve been smoking for so long and have just made the switch to e-cigarettes, it may take some time for you to adjust. You might have some minor respiratory issues such as coughing or even feeling particularly weak. 

2. Smoking temptation

It’s important to know that you’ll still experience some temptation. Chances are, you might get tempted to smoke cigarettes, especially when you see other colleagues doing so. This is understandable as breaking the smoking habit can be such a difficult process, which can be physically and mentally taxing. The transition should be making vaping the priority while smoking minimally throughout the day. Give yourself a few months until you’ll make a successful switch.

3. Taste-testing

Eventually, as time goes by, you’ll get adjusted to vaping. One fascinating activity associated with vaping is exploring new tastes and flavours. Most vapers enjoy experimenting with e-juice or e-liquid. There’s a variety of options to choose – from traditional tobacco flavour to menthol juice down to peppermint juice. Opting for different tastes may sound trivial, but it can be exciting and fun for vapers!

4. Regular maintenance

Take note as well that vaping comes with a little maintenance. When it comes to maintenance, keeping your gear clean and highly functional is paramount. This is to ensure your safety from the use of the device and for an optimal vaping experience. Maintenance includes switching your atomizer every few weeks, changing your battery device, and refilling your e-liquid based on preference and need. Overall, regular maintenance ensures that you receive a more enjoyable and tasty experience with your vape.

5. Full pocket

Starting to vape can be a bit costly at first. You’ll have to invest in the vaping device and items like replacement coils and e-liquid. However, this can be a good investment that will help you save in the long run. As compared to buying a new pack of cigarettes almost daily, you’ll see a dramatic drop in your daily expenditures when you vape.

Switching from smoking to vaping is like entering a whole new world. Such a new lifestyle can be more publicly acceptable and favourable among your social circles. You can expect some changes in your body. Though you may still be tempted to smoke, you can enjoy more as you explore new tastes and flavours with vaping. Note that vaping entails regular maintenance and a few expenses when starting. Through time, however, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment from your commitment to making the big leap from cigarette smoking to vaping.

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