5 Remarkable Facts about Vaping You Ought to Know

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No doubt vaping has taken the whole world by storm in recent years. Many vape shops have started to sprout elsewhere, smokers have switched to vaping, and vape aficionados have turned it into a hobby. There must be some good reasons vaping has been thriving these days amid some media backlash on its safe use and health implications. 

That said, here are five remarkable facts about vaping that you must know. Read below to see if you would like to get into the world of vaping.

1. It is a great alternative to smoking

Everyone knows how dangerous smoking is to one’s health. It has been associated with various illnesses, such as respiratory diseases, heart problems, and even cancer. The problem, however, is that smoking can be really hard to give up. So what better way to quit it than to switch to vaping? Many vapers can attest as to how it has allowed them to give up smoking and led them to a much healthier lifestyle. 

2. It has a wide variety of flavours

There are fun and excitement that come with vaping. The beauty is that you can explore various vape juices with different flavours and unique vaping experiences. Actually, there are over 7,000 different flavours that you can experiment with. You can try flavours, such as food, beverage, fruit, tobacco, menthol, and a whole lot more. It is, for this reason, that vapers have turned it into a worth-pursuing hobby.

3. It gives instant gratification without the smoke smell

Did you know that smoking takes a long time to give you satisfaction? What’s good about vaping is that it provides you with instant gratification. This means that as soon as you vape, you can immediately savour the flavour and easily get sufficed. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t come with a lingering smell. You know how smoking can leave you with an unpleasant odour that might turn off other people.

4. It helps you save money

You know how costly it is to smoke daily, especially if it has already become an addiction. If you switch to vaping, you can actually save money over time. Sure, you may invest much in vape devices and e-liquid products at first. However, it’s just a one-time investment that can last for as long as possible. You’ll be surprised at how it can significantly help you cut your expenses in the long run.

5. It has become a culture among vape enthusiasts

The vaping culture has become vibrant now more than ever. There are vaping communities that you become a part of. They have local and national vape clubs where you can enjoy vaping with fellow vapers, swap devices, try new flavours, and create vapour clouds.


There’s more to vaping than just puffing your lungs out. As outlined above, it is an excellent alternative to smoking, has a vast array of flavours to experiment, gives you instant satisfaction, doesn’t cost you that much, and allows you to become a part of the vibrant culture. 

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