5 Reasons to Vape Your Herbs Rather Than Smoke Them

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Should you vaporize or smoke your herbs? Before you choose, know that there are barely any advantages to smoking your herbs other than the ability to smoke more in a shorter period. However, vaporizing (or vaping) your herbs comes with plenty of advantages! Here are the advantages of vaporizing your herbs over smoking them: 

Vaping is much more discreet

From the design of the vape mod to the activity itself, vaping is way more discreet than smoking. For example, when it comes to carrying your vapes around, you can have one in the size of a literal pen. Plus, when you take a drag, the smell of the vape smoke barely linger on you. 

The same cannot be said about smoking herbs, though. When you smoke, you usually have larger containers to carry out the activity. Plus, since smoke is left to linger in the area, the smell becomes embedded into your shirt, meaning that you tend to smell more like what you have just smoked compared to if you had been vaping it.

Vaping is easier to do

If you have asked anyone who started smoking and vaping, you will always get the same answer: vaping is much easier to do. Why is this so? Well, many attribute this aspect not only to the simplicity of vaping versus smoking but also to the amount of control one has over the activity. For example, how does one get more vapor with these vape mods? It’s due to a simple increase in temperature. Features such as these make vaping extremely easy to use, and allows the user to tweak their experience to ensure that the individual gets the results he or she is looking for.

You are avoiding smoke

When you are avoiding the smoke from smoking herbs, you are avoiding all sorts of harmful substances. For example, when you smoke, tar is produced and gathers in your lungs. This is especially harmful, as tar is known to be carcinogenic. It is these carcinogenic substances that kill the user. In fact, even the heat from smoking is terrible for you.

You are wasting less herb

While herbs are relatively affordable nowadays, no one who purchases it would want to waste it. If you were to smoke herbs, you’d actually be wasting a lot of it. This is because when you burn the herb, you are destroying a lot of its active ingredients, meaning that you will need plenty of the stuff to get the effects you are looking for. When you vape the herb, on the other hand, you’re wasting much less herb, and saving way more money in the long run. 

Your body handles vape better

As many people have experienced, vaping is much easier on the body. People tend to find that when they vape, they do not feel as tired as if they were to smoke the herbs. This can be attributed to the fact that when you vape, it is water vapor going to your lungs rather than smoke. Also, once again, since the vapor is not as hot as smoke can get, it is much easier for you to allow the vapor to reach your lungs as opposed to some people ending up coughing from smoke.


So, if you had to choose between vaping and smoking your herbs, always go for vaping. Not only is it healthier for your body, but as you can see from the list of advantages, it is a much better option overall. That said, there are many different vape mods you can purchase online, and you can definitely find one that fits your requirements in terms of size and budget.

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