5 Beginner Mistakes People Make When Choosing Vape e-Liquids

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Vaping in the UK has caught on like a storm, as cigarette prices continue to rise and along with concern for consuming tobacco products. With various e-liquids being available on the market, it’s a much more enjoyable endeavour compared to the traditional cancer stick. You’ll never be at a shortage when it comes to flavours to try, and nowadays there are even CBD e-liquids to explore with an added benefit!

As fun as this all sounds, vaping in the UK has been flooded with inferior quality products and other falsely advertised items. This incidence of fakes and the lack of quality control means that vapes are indeed becoming extremely popular, and people must take caution in choosing what they put into their bodies. Here are five mistakes people make when buying vaping juice in the UK:

Cheaping Out On Vape Juices

Think of how you choose food products and observe the times when you decided on shady goods without an indicated origin or seal of approval. If you answered “never”, then you’ll want to do the same with buying cheap e-liquids. Vaping in the UK is growing to be extremely popular, and a ton of cheap vaping juices have appeared on the market. By vaping them, you are putting these products into your body. Naturally, you will want only the highest quality goods entering your lungs. 

Vaping already has a bad reputation as it is, so choosing to go with budget options can be the thing that puts the nail on the coffin of vapers around the world. 

Choosing the Wrong Nicotine Levels

Nicotine is a confusing topic for most people who start vaping. In fact, this is the determining factor in keeping a person from going back to smoking cigarettes. Whether your goal was to quit smoking for good or you were just sucked into the world of it to get rid of smoking slowly, there will be various e-liquids to suit your needs. 

Cigarette smokers might want a strong nicotine concentration to make up for the high content that cigarettes have. This strength will ideally keep the cigarette cravings at bay, and then slowly reducing it each time to quit finally is one of the best options people take. When the need for nicotine disappears, you can buy zero per cent juices to allow vapers to enjoy vaping without the addictive sensation. 

Getting e-Liquid Ratios Wrong

Vaping juice typically contains the flavoured liquid, nicotine, water, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin as the five main ingredients. The latter two determine how the vapour tastes, smells and feels. A blend of half-and-half for e-liquids can be the perfect mix for most, as this provides excellent flavour and fat plumes of clouds. However, boosting the propylene glycol content gives off thicker vapour and less smoke as well as a stronger tint of flavours. When increasing the vegetable glycerin content, you’ll create gigantic clouds that you typically see in vape tricks. Finding the right ratio for your tastes will assist you in having a great experience. 

Choosing the Wrong Flavours

There are many e-Liquids available, and one mistake many make is that they get overwhelmed with all the incredible products available for use. In selecting vaping liquids, it boils down to your personal tastes and preferences, so don’t let people tell you what a great flavour is or what isn’t. If you are a menthol person, it can help to try mentholated fruity combinations or just menthol tobacco e-liquids. Otherwise, trying out dessert flavours can be exciting to some vaping enthusiasts. The choice is ultimately up to who is holding the vape device. 

Not Stocking Up

If you find a juice that you absolutely love, it won’t hurt to purchase a few bottles to stock and store for a rainy day. Any vape expert will tell you that nothing hurts more than being stuck at home and not having their favourite e-liquids available for use. It’s worse to keep looking for something to scratch the itch than dropping a few pounds for something that hits all the right spots. 


Vaping in the UK is a popular activity and has helped plenty of people kick the cigarette habit. However, not everyone finds it as enjoyable as having a cigarette in their hands, but it actually boils down to their first experiences with vape units and e-liquids. Building the right mod and finding the perfect juice can turn the entire experience into a whole new one that can get people hooked. 

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