4 Top Fun Vape Tricks You Need To Learn - What to Know

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Vaping now has competitions and popular shows to show off mad vaping skills, and this community continually grows year after year. Recently, an event called Vapefest has become so widely popular that it’s held in different cities each year. Manufacturers and vapers often meet to get to know more about vaping by attending conventions and competitions.

Many vapers challenge each other with new tricks. The most common method would be the Cheerios or the Blowing O’s. The rule is simple: keep your tongue flat and shape your lips into an “O,” then quickly push out some vapour out of your throat in a pulsating motion. 

If you want to challenge yourself by learning more tricks, here are the top four vape tricks you need to learn:

1. The Vape Bend Trick

After learning the Cheerios or the Blowing O’s, the next easiest method is vape bending. With the same necessary actions in forming an “O,” place your hand behind the “O” and push it forward, which will look like you’re moving the “O” around. This will be difficult at first, so make sure that you keep on practising to perfect this skill.

2. The Jellyfish Vape Trick

The Jellyfish is a combination of both the Cheerios and Vape Bending. First, you need to make the blowing “O” trick, then proceed to the Vape Bending in the position that you desire. After pushing forward, you will see the “O” expand into a circular vapour, that’s when you vape inside that “O.” Try it out, and you will see the effect of your vapour dropping inside the “O,” which will look like a Jellyfish with tentacles. 

3. The Dragon Breath Vape Trick

This trick will be more of a challenge than the previous two. The Dragon Breath trick will make you look like an exhaling dragon. In this trick, you need to gather as much vapour inside your mouth as you can. After that, make a small opening on the edges of your lips where the vapour will come out later. Then, exhale the vapour both through your nostrils and the corners of your mouth simultaneously.

4. The French Inhale Vape Trick

This last trick requires some effort and practice to perform it successfully. First, gather a lot of vape inside your mouth and hold it in using your tongue. After that, you can then let the vapour exit your mouth in slow motion. The appeal should be as if the vapour is slowly pouring out. Then, open up your lower jaw to direct the vapour right toward your nose by using your tongue to push the vapour upward. After you’ve succeeded, it’s time to begin inhaling through your nose slowly. In doing you, you can simultaneously push the vapour out of your mouth while also inhaling through your nose.


The vaping community has been growing at a rapid rate over the past years. They love to challenge each other with new tricks and tips on vaping. Now you have a few skills up your sleeve, you can show them off to your fellow vapers. 

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