4 Tips to Help Beginners Learn How to Vape Properly - Guide

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Everything comes with a learning curve, and the same can be said about vaping. If you've recently decided to switch to vaping, you might be surprised at how much more complicated it is, or so it seems. While there are tips to help you get started with vaping, all it takes a little bit of time and effort.

Here are four vaping tips to help beginners get started:

1 -The juice container

When referring to the compartment that holds your vaping juice, many names pop up, such as vaping tanks, atomizers, RBA (rebuildable atomizers), and more. The most important thing to know is that this container is where your vape juice is stored. 

For new users, a vape device that allows you to fill a tank is the easiest to use. All you need to do is fill it up and vape. Although you'll need to replace the coils once in a while, you can find plenty in any retailer that sells vape-related equipment. 

If you've seen others vape, you may have noticed them dripping juice into the coils, or rather, the cotton. Don't try this with your beginner vape as it won't work and requires a custom-made vaping device. If you want to try out a vape mod like theirs, consult a retailer about it first. They'll teach you exactly how to build one safely.

 2 - Vape tank material

If you've purchased a beginner-friendly vape device, it may have come with a plastic vape tank. Be aware that, although it does the job, it is prone to cracking and warping after continuous use. At the same time, not every vape tank is compatible with every juice. If you want a container that offers you the ability to use any vape liquid, opt for a glass tank.

 3 - Device maintenance

One of the best ways to make sure that your device lasts for a very long time is to remove the vape tanks from the rest of the vape device at night. These vape tanks are prone to leaking, and if any of the juice gets into the rest of the vape device, it will render the whole thing broken. 

4 - Proper use of e-liquid

There is so much more than just buying a bottle of vape juice, filling your vape tanks with it, and vaping. Simple steps should be taken to help ensure that each vape you take is a good one. 

Firstly, shaking is essential because it allows the contents of the juice to mix properly. By doing this, you can be confident that each vape you take is a quality one. Secondly, keeping the liquid away from sunlight helps preserve the nicotine in the juice. If you've recently switched from smoking to vaping, this can be especially important to you. Finally, keeping the bottle closed helps keep the flavour in. However, if you find that the flavours are too intense, leaving it open for a bit can help reduce the taste. Just be careful not to leave it open for too long, else you'd end up vaping plain water. 

By keeping these tips in mind, you'll have the smoothest experience when transitioning from smoking to vaping. Even if you've never smoked before and want to start vaping, following these tips will make sure that you can enjoy every hit you take.

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