4 Tips on How Not to Leak Your Vape Juice - Our Guide

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Vaping has taken the whole world by storm in recent years. Yet, if there’s one aspect that every vaper would probably explore, that would be the vape e-liquid. Know that there’s a wide range of vape flavours to savour, from Gummi Bear to Peach Green Tea down to Frozen Lime Drop. One problem that many vapers tend to experience, however, is the displeasure of tasting leaked vape juice within the hits. 

Keep in mind that vape juice is meant to be consumed in the form of vapour. E-juice that leaks into your mouth, however, will compromise your whole vaping experience. To avoid this e-juice leak at all costs, below are four vaping tips you should consider to have the best vaping experience.

1. Warm-up your newly-refilled tank.

Before you vape, the initial step to take is to warm up your newly refilled tank. Chances are that you’re in the mood to vape and want to savour your new e-juice quickly. In such instances, remember that your vape needs a moment to convert the liquid into vapour. 

If you insist on using it without warming up, your vape won’t have enough time to convert, and the liquid will get leaked into your mouth. That said, make sure to take long, easy-going drags to allow your vape to operate safely and effectively. 

2. Check for possible leaks.

There are many potential causes of e-cigarette leaking. Some common problems can be easily and quickly fixed, as follows:

  • Improper filling: If you have improperly refilled your vape, it will cause the e-juice to leak, even if the device is properly intact. Make sure to refill your e-juice tank the right way and check with an expert if in doubt.
  • Untightened hardware: If you leave your hardware untightened, chances are that the liquid will find its way out. That said, make sure to tighten all parts of your vape securely to avoid any unwanted leakage.
  • Overtightened hardware: If you tighten your device too much, that may also cause the juice to lead. If the o-rings inside e-cigarettes get damaged from overtightening, you can expect the vape juice in your mouth.

3. Consider your e-liquid option.

When it comes to vape, one vital decision is to consider the kind of e-juice to use. You have to take note not only of your flavour preference but also the compatibility of your e-juice with your device. For instance, e-juice with higher PG content is often thinner with a bit more flavour, while VG juice is much thicker. Make sure to know your e-juice, your vape, and what PG to VG ratio best works with your personal preference and taste.

4. Be wary of overfilling.

Know that overfilling your e-juice tank will lead to many problems. The rule of thumb when it comes to refilling your vape is: less is more. However, many vapers tend to fill their tanks to the brim. As a result, e-juice ends up flooding and leaking within their vapes. In the end, keep in mind that an enjoyable vaping experience is all about quality and not quantity.

Vaping issues can be fixed by resorting to a few common solutions. Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned veteran, consider the four vaping tips mentioned above so that you can avoid leaking your vape juice and have the best vaping experience.

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