4 Tips For A Hassle-Free Time When Travelling with E-Cigs

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Where ever you go, you may want to bring your e-cigarettes along with you. If you're planning to fly and bring your vape, here are some regulations you'll have to keep in mind to make life less of a hassle for you:

1 - Vaping in Planes

Vaping is prohibited in planes. Civil Aviation Authority states that similar to smoking, vaping is banned on most if not all aircraft, especially flights to and from the UK. However, there are regulations for bringing your vaping equipment. Different airlines have different laws, so you need to do your research before flying. If you're travelling out of the UK, these rules may apply to you.

2 - Batteries and E-Cigarettes

If you have checked luggage, make sure not to have any e-cigarette batteries in the luggage. All cells must be carried in your carry-on bag because of the risk of batteries overheating in the baggage compartment. In UK airports, all e-cigarettes are banned from being stored in checked luggage. 

To keep your batteries from short-circuiting, cover the metal terminals with electric tape. Otherwise, keep them in their packaging.

The batteries cannot be higher than 160 Wh, and you can only bring two additional vaping batteries. You can carry e-cigarettes with batteries in them with you, but you have to be sure that they're switched off. 

If you want to bring your mechanical mod, remove the battery as it has no safety features. In case some other item in your bag presses and holds against your mod's button, your battery will overheat and might catch on fire. 

Charge the e-cigarette batteries before or after a plane ride, as they are not allowed to be charged onboard.

3 - E-liquid and Airplanes

As with most carry-on regulations, any liquids cannot be more than 100ml. It is recommended that you store your liquids in your checked baggage if you are carrying bottles larger than the regulated volume. If your e-cigarette contains a tank for liquids, it will count as a liquid as well! For this reason, you will need to pack the device with the rest of your juices.

4 - Travelling with E-Cigarettes

If you're planning to travel to other countries, make sure you know their regulations on vaping. In most countries, nicotine-containing juices are banned, while others completely ban vaping itself. Some places won't even allow you to bring your vaping equipment. Laws are ever-changing, but a good general guideline to follow is that where smoking is banned, vaping is banned as well.

If you plan to visit a country that bans vaping, it’s best that you don't bring any vaping equipment at all. The following countries ban vaping: Brazill, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and the UAE. Although vaping is illegal, there are other forms of nicotine you can have, such as cigarettes.

Before you pack all your vaping equipment for use, do your research. This will save you from headaches and even penalties if caught in countries that ban such an item. Remember, enjoy your travels, but don't break any rules in doing so!

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