4 Simple Ways to Steep Your E-Liquid

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There are two kinds of vapers in the community: cloud-chasers and flavour-chasers. Those who strive to unlock richer tastes in e-liquids can maximize its potential by “ageing” the juice. This refers to steeping, which is a buzzword in the vaping community since it allows vapers to experience better flavour.

Three Different and Easy Ways to Steep E-Liquid 

Store it in a Cool and Dark Place 

One of the most tried-and-tested methods of steeping e-juice is to store it in a cool and dark place. It’s simple to do and requires little-to-no effort, with the exception of shaking the bottle at least twice a day to quicken the process. 

Different e-liquids have varying steeping times, wherein tobacco and menthol flavours can achieve full flavours within one to two days only. Fruity blends will need to steep for three to four days, while complex mixes like dessert liquids can develop a powerful punch when it steeps for a week to a month. 

Let the Juice Breathe 

This is similar to the method above, though it’s a faster alternative for vapers who want to jump the gun without waiting for days, weeks, or months. Letting the juice breathe means letting it sit open without a bottle cap for two to four hours. 

This will expose the contents to the air, which pave the way for more evaporation. This can develop deeper flavours, but be sure to not leave it beyond 24 hours. 

Place it in a Warm Bath 

Another fast way to steep your e-liquid is to place the bottle in a sealed container before leaving it in a warm bath. Many vapers use two bags to ensure no water would get in, which can destroy the label. Let it rest in the warm water for 10 to 15 minutes and give it a shake. 

One session is enough to improve the flavour, but you can repeat the process anytime until you reach your desired taste. 

Use the Microwave 

Steeping the e-liquid in a microwave is one of the quickest methods, but be sure to practice caution as leaving the bottle inside beyond five seconds can destroy the bottle altogether. The heat should stimulate the chemicals and release their nuances, just be sure to take it out of the microwave in less than five seconds and then shake it. 

The Bottom Line: Why Steep E-Liquids?

Just like brewing a fresh cup of tea, steeping is all about letting the VG and PG infuse with flavour concentrates. This allows it to congeal and blend to boost the liquid’s flavour profile while fast-tracking the oxidation process to achieve a deeper colour. 

Depending on how long you steep the e-liquid, it can result in the Maillard Reaction, which refers to the chemical response between the sugars and amino acids found in the juice. When done right, it can do wonders in cranking up the liquid’s robustness. 

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