4 Practical Steps to Changing Your Vape Juice - Our Guide

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If there’s one great thing about vaping, that is exploring and experimenting with varied e-juice flavours. To maintain the optimal function and flavour of your vape, you will need to properly maintain it regularly. This means cleaning your vape device and changing your vape juice properly. Doing so will help you avoid a bad aftertaste and mixed flavour when vaping. After all, what’s the point of vaping if your vape doesn’t taste good at all?

That said, here are four practical steps to changing your vape juice. Follow the four easy and simple steps below.

1. Change the coil when switching flavours

Although you don’t have to change your coil all the time when switching flavours, you still need to be wary of the signs showing you when it is required. These signs include a dark, visibly damaged, or crusted coil (leaving a ‘burnt’ taste) as well as a leaking atomizer (less vapour made). When you’ve observed the signs mentioned, it will be time to change your coil. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Remove the tank
  • Filter out any remaining liquid
  • Twist the coil to unscrew it off the tank
  • Put in a new coil
  • Reassemble the tank onto the device
2. Get the vape juice out of your tank

To have the best-tasting vapour, get all the juice out of your tank. There are two ways on how to do so, as follows:

Water rinse: This is the standard way of cleaning a vape tank. To perform a water rinse, follow these steps:

  • Get a bowl of warm water
  • Take the tank off the mod
  • Filter out any remaining liquid
  • Disassemble the tank fully
  • Wash the tank in the bowl
  • Dry off with a towel and air dry
  • Put the device together again after it dries

Deeper clean: This is a good idea to perform every few weeks to maintain vape efficiency and to prevent build-up. 

  • Dampen a cloth and scrub every part of the tank until it looks good
  • Another option is to dampen the cloth with alcohol or use alcohol as a soaking medium in the bowl for the additional benefit of sanitation
  • Leave the vape tank to soak overnight in alcohol in already-gunk-covered situations
3. Remove vape juice stains

Another consideration is getting rid of vape juice stains that may have gotten stuck over time. Below are some effective methods of removing vape stains:

  • Most stains come from the propylene glycol (PG) found in some juices. This creates an oily stain seemingly challenging to clean. However, keep in mind that any liquid dish soap can easily remove these stains. 
  • Apply some detergent on the stain and give it a few scrubs. Then, wait a few minutes before rinsing with warm water and setting the item out to dry. 
4. Refill your vape

Refilling your vape tank is a straightforward and simple procedure. When you’ve done it once, the following procedures will be easier. After cleaning, follow the steps below to refill your vape:

  • Remove the fill tank from your device
  • Remove the coil and cover it with e-liquid
  • Unscrew the top of the tank to add your liquid until it reaches the tank’s fill line
  • Put the tank back together and put the pieces back together
  • Wipe any spilt liquid and clean the residue
  • Let your device site for a few minutes so the coil can be covered in the new liquid

Overall, proper and regular maintenance is the best way to keep your vape functioning well and your vapour tasting right. Follow the four practical steps outlined above, and you’ll be on the right track to a great vaping experience!

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