4 E-Liquid Storage Tips for Vaping Beginners: Our Guide

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There’s a stigma against vaping beginners because they are often regarded as not the ideal vape mates to invite for any session. That’s mainly because of their poor e-liquid storage habits, like keeping these products out in the open. But you can break that stigma by ensuring you know what you need to keep your e-liquids safe. That way, you can gain credibility among your vaping mates and join exclusive sessions. 

This article will provide you with four practical e-liquid storage tips every beginning vaper should know. Take this as an opportunity to set yourself apart from other amateurs and become quickly acquainted with the best vaping circles in your local community. 

Choose your ideal favour and brand for your vaping needs 

You may think that it’s counterintuitive to choose your ideal e-liquid brand because it has nothing to do with storage—but it really does! You see, identifying \your favourite vaping brand enables you to be at your best when you store and use all your vaping needs. You become a more responsible vaper because you want to preserve the flavour and experience. 

For example, let’s say you are more about the design and flavour profile of an e-liquid, so you go for something like Loco Lola—a quintessential young vaper’s stock to cola-flavoured sessions. You then build up your inventory from this brand and find yourself more motivated to keep your e-liquids secure and well-managed. 

As such, take the time to learn about different brands and build your vaping collection. You can be a trendsetter yourself or follow what most of your mates are getting into for the hype. You can also follow online reviews to gain access to the best e-liquid products!  

Be mindful of shelf life by storing your e-liquids properly

Your vaping products come with a shelf life, but in theory, you may be able to vape some of them even past their expiry date. You just might not get the flavour you expected. The best way to be mindful of shelf life is to develop a personalised system at home for your convenient use. You can arrange your vaping products by expiration date and date of purchase, but it’s really up to you!  

Try the freezer, but don’t forget about your stock! 

Some experienced vapers keep their e-liquids in the refrigerator, but you may have the chance to maximise better storage with the freezer. It’s a more convenient and long-term solution ideal for your vaping needs. Just remember to transfer all the e-liquid contents into glass bottles to slow down the oxidation process effectively. That way, you can unfreeze and vape your e-liquids like they are fresh out the store!

Keep all your e-liquids away from light and heat 

This tip is one of the most forgotten among beginning vapers because they are often reckless when it comes with their e-liquids. Take this as an opportunity to be a more responsible vape user by keeping your products away from direct sunlight and heat. Doing so ensures that your vaping products don’t lose their flavour and potency. But what if you need to carry your vape session essentials around with you? 

The best solution for portable storage is a vape carrying case. You can also use a sealed plastic bag and keep it in a secure box. Just be mindful of heat and sunlight to ensure your e-liquids don’t go bad while in storage. That way, you can be the designated session starter as you bring the best vaping stock to your mates! 


Every vaping beginner has to start somewhere, and you should do so with storage. It’s your chance to be with the in-crowd and bring your street cred as an experienced vaper. Keep all the previously mentioned tips in mind and start vaping today! 

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