4 Common Causes of Dry Hits and How to Address Them

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As vapers, we all love the hobby. Giving us a world of flavours to pick from and a much safer way to take nicotine, vaping has become a norm in many of our lives. Unfortunately, there is one thing that is also a norm that should not be: dry hits. This is perhaps one of the worst experiences a vaper can ever face and can utterly ruin the vaping experience. Fortunately, we know the various causes of dry hits and how to avoid them, which are:

1. Vaping too often

 For chain vapers, dry hits are a more common problem. When you vape too frequently, the cotton gets desaturated much faster. As such, the coil ends up burning the cotton rather than vaporising the liquid, leading to the dry hit. 

If you chain-vape, you should either reduce the frequency or allow the cotton to rest between hits. Another great way to prevent dry hits is to raise the nicotine count slightly. This way, you can enjoy the effects of nicotine without actually vaping too much. You could also remind yourself not to pick up the vape too often. 

2. Unsaturated wick

There are a few ways that your cotton does not get saturated enough. For example, you may not have filled your tank enough to reach the holes on the coils to seep into the cotton. Make sure to fill the tank enough to keep the cotton saturated with e-juice. 

If you do not have a tank but rather are manually soaking the cotton by yourself, always remind yourself to put in a few drops after a drag or two. Doing this will reduce the risk of dry hits.

3. Not priming the coils

If you are working with a new set of coils, you have to prime it by saturating the cotton directly to kick-start the saturation sequence. You do not have to prime it if you leave it to soak in e-juice for a few minutes, but if you unknowingly take a drag right after filling the tank, you may ruin the coil completely if it did not soak in some e-juice. This is typically a problem in replaceable coil setups. People often forget to prime the new coil with e-juice after they’ve swapped out their old one.

4. Malfunctioning vape kit

Sometimes, the vape kit itself is the cause of dry hits, whether due to design flaws or old age. If you believe that the kit has worsened in performance over time, invest in a new one. Not only do you get to work with newer technology for better vaping, but you might also get to try new ways to vape. That is always an exciting idea!


No one likes dry hits, and nobody ever wants to experience a dry hit. If you run into any of the above problems, take the time to address them. It will save you a bit of discomfort, leaving you with more time enjoying the wonderful world of vaping. 

That said, some of the problems above may or may not apply to you, so take the time to note your vaping habits. This way, you would be able to identify what is causing the dry hits. From there, you would be able to make the necessary changes to ensure the dry hits happen much less frequently, if at all! 

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